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Oct 30, 2006 05:27 PM

Office Food Delivery...Tonight!

I need to have edible, healthy food for 15 delivered for a board meeting downtown tonight. Any suggestions for last minute catering/delivery?

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  1. I haven't eaten at their downtown location, but people have been posting postive reviews for quite sometime on their original locations in Long Beach & Belmont Shores:

    George's Greek Cafe
    735 S. Figueroa
    (213) 524-6542

    You didn't mention any budgetary restraints, but their high end option is:

    Dinner - $19.95 Per Person:
    Greek Salad
    Lentil Soup
    Roasted Potatoes
    Fresh Vegetables
    ~ and ~
    Choice of 1:
    Lamb Chops
    Fresh Fish
    Greek Chicken Stuffed with feta and spinach
    Greek Stuffed Steak with spinach and feta

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      Thanks! I went with Tigeorges, which was just okay, but I'll save this one for the future.