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uses for pumpkin butter

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I bought a jar- other than spreading on bread, any good recipes for other uses?

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  1. Excellent as a topping for yogurt or ice cream...good with vanilla custard, too...

    1. Blend with softened cream cheese. Still used to just spread on toast, but it's way tastier.

      1. Stir into oatmeal w/some raisins

        1. Put the cream cheese spread on a bagel - it's like a pumpkin danish.

          1. I use it as a filling in little tarts. I use pie crust or sugar cookie dough for the tart shell, fill with pumpkin butter and bake. It also works in thumbprint cookies instead of jam or jelly.

            1. ideas are great...keep em coming!

              1. I put a spoonful on a scoop of cottage cheese- yum!
                Got a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread from TJ's- it's so good toasted up with a slathering of pumpkin butter.
                The recent post about apple butter had some super ideas about using it as a spread in grilled sandwiches and got me wondering- what would be a good combination to use pumpkin butter in?

                1. I just bought six jars of TJ's pumpkin butter, since it's pulled from the store so soon. Use instead of jam in a pb&j sandwich. I really love it in plain yogurt.

                  1. Pumpkin butter is really good with goat cheese. I usually eat it as a kind of bruschetta.

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                        I put it in oatmeal and also use it instead of applesauce when baking and replacing oil in some recipes.

                    1. Stirred into plain full fat Greek yogurt!

                      1. Just bought a jar at Trader Joe's last week. Been using it on my morning English crumpet, toasted and buttered. Yum !

                        1. my wife does a stuffed baked french toast that can use pumpkin butter. great company dish.

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                            Mmmm that sounds really nice. What else is it stuffed with ? Or do you mean it is stuffed with just pumpkin butter ?

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                              i don't recall all of the ingredients but i know it uses a whole loaf of bread, maple syrup, pumpkin butter, milk, and more. it soaks over night and gets baked the next day. she also does a savory version.

                          2. My morning smoothie yesterday:
                            Unsweetened almond milk
                            Vanilla almondilla vega protein powder
                            A glob of almond butter
                            A bigger glob of pumpkin butter
                            Blitzed all together. I usually use regular canned pumpkin but the pumpkin butter was soooo much better!

                            1. I add a scoop to pancake or waffle batter.

                              Have a recipe somewhere around here for homemade microwaved pumpkin butter--want it? Good stuff, and you can adjust the seasonings to your taste, rather than the (sometimes) overseasoned commercial product. (It's also nice as a hostess gift, in a pretty jar.)

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                                Since it's a product I have never seen locally, I would love to hear the homemade recipe so I can try it out.

                                1. re: haiku.

                                  Here 'tis:

                                  Microwave Pumpkin Butter
                                  Yield: 2 c.

                                  1/4 c dark brown sugar, packed
                                  2 Tbl. sugar
                                  1/4 c water
                                  1/4 tsp ginger
                                  1/2 tsp allspice
                                  1/4 tsp cloves
                                  1/4 tsp nutmeg
                                  1/2 tsp cinnamon
                                  1 sm can pumpkin (1 1/2 c)

                                  Mix sugars, water, spices in 4 c measuring cup. Microwave on high 3 min, stir.
                                  Add pumpkin. Microwave 5 min.
                                  Let cool, refrigerate.
                                  Keeps several weeks in fridge. Can be frozen. Use like apple butter.

                                  I play with the spice amounts to vary the flavors, batch to batch.

                              2. i'm thinking of smearing it over some hot belgian waffles and drizzling with honey. mmmm. add cold vanilla ice cream on top for a really nice treat.

                                1. In my area, Hood brand pumpkin eggnog is a late fall/winter favorite. It's like drinking pumpkin cheesecake.

                                  You can duplicate it by blending pumpkin butter into regular eggnog. Pumpkin eggnog makes great bread pudding using leftover pumpkin bread and an egg. Or crumble up some graham crackers and pour on some eggnog, enough so that they dissolve into the texture of the bread in a nonbaked style of summer berry pudding.

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                                    gorgeous stuff, that hood's pumpkin eggnog! i liken it to drinking a pumpkin pie. hard to find around here, though.