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Oct 30, 2006 05:22 PM

Seafood in Miami Beach?

I'm looking for a fun seafood place in Miami Beach for a birthday dinner. A friend and I are going to Miami for the weekend (I've never been) and I want to treat her to a hip night out on the town, but good food is also a must. We're staying at Circa39 (3900 Collins), so anything close by would be great, but I'm willing to travel for a good meal and atmosphere. I'd love nightlife/bar/club recs, too! Nothing too chi-chi or exclusive, but a good vibe. Thanks!

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  1. Joe's takeout for lunch. Stone crab claw is my favorite. Also Checkout Lincoln RD. for dinner & people watching. Ice Box north side of Lincoln RD. on Jefferson offer good food, not too touristy.Nobu at the Shore Club is very good (doesn't take reservation unless a big group), be prepare to spend!!!

    1. Oddly enough there's not many great places for seafood on Miami Beach. There's nothing I can think of close by to where you're staying, which is really mid-Beach and not South Beach (you're about 20 blocks north). You're close to The Forge, but it's a pretty silly place (a chi-chi steakhouse) where I'm doubtful how much they focus on the food.

      Joe's Stone Crab is probably the best though you have to deal with the wait for a table unless you're doing takeout (somehow takeout doesn't quite seem like a great birthday dinner!). Old-school, non-fussy place that's a genuine Miami Beach landmark.

      Nobu is fantastic but expensive and I'm not sure if Japanese is what you were thinking of for a seafood place.

      Other possibilities for strictly seafood places would be AltaMar (west end of Lincoln Road on the other side of Washington, sort of out of the swing of things), Grillfish (around 17th & Collins), or Fish Called Avalon (7th & Ocean). I have to confess I haven't been to any of these for quite some time. Hounds here often recommend AltaMar.

      If you're not fixated on a strictly seafood place, you'll find that many places do good fish along with other things. Nemo (1st & Collins), Pacific Time (Lincoln Road) and Talula (23rd & Collins) come to mind. Nemo in particular is a very nice space as well - going there makes me feel like I'm on vacation and I live here. Personally I think Talula has the best food.

      As for nightlife, I'm afraid I don't stay up that late anymore!

      1. I had great seafood at Talula's in South Beach- make a reservation to sit outside- very romantic under the sparkling lights...

        try the grouper with japanese noodles if it is on the menu.
        there is also : lime and marisol chile glazed black grouper with sweet sake broth, udon noodles, bok choy and shichimi togarashi and grilled Atlantic salmon served with creamer potato-smoked bacon hash, asparagus, and a dijon-garlic vinaigrette
        food is flavors from the Caribbean, Asian, Latin America, Italy and America.Appetizers: signature shrimp tamale to grilled Sonoma Valley foie gras with caramelized pears and blue corn cakes

        Reasonable price and good location- CAB it in- no valet parking.
        The chef is a graduate of the Culinary Institute-