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Oct 30, 2006 05:17 PM

Greek Restaurants SCottsdale/Phoenix Area

I can't seem to find an upscale greek restaurant in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. Can anyone offer me some suggestions?

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  1. i can't recommend enough Greektown on 7th St and Dunlap-ish.

    The food is just wonderfully authentic and delicious, and their menu is really very well tuned. The staff is lovely, and its dark and quiet.

    The grandfather used to come out and sing at night until he died a few years ago.

    They have the best avglomeno, hands down.

    1. Greekfest at 20th and Camelback is probably the most upscale Greek restaurant in terms of price, decor, etc. Greektown, mentioned above, is another good choice. There is also Bacchanal, on Thomas Road, which I have not visited in ages.

      Web sites for all three:

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        We visited Bacchanal with a large group a few months ago. It's pretty much all about the show, or at least it was on a Saturday night. The food was pedestrian; as I recall I had dry chicken kebabs with overcooked vegetables. The bellydancers put on a good show and moved around through the audience, to the delight of the men who stuffed money into the costumes. However, the show went on so long that most of us left before it ended. If it's food you're after, don't go to Bacchanal, unless they have some secret dishes that we didn't know about.

        Sarah C

      2. yeah, but do you guys LIKE greekfest? I've been throughly underwhelmed with the service and the last time we went, the soup was inedible from the lemon and the management could not have cared less.

        Haven't tried Bacchanal....

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          I have not been thrilled with Greekfest. It's not bad, but not as good as it should be given the prices. I listed it above only because it is the most obviously upscale restaurant of the bunch. For sheer food quality and friendliness of service, I would agree that Greektown is better.

          I do have to get back to Bacchanal sometime.

        2. I heartily recommend Greektown. I haven't posted my review yet, but we had a great time there. Good food, service and moderately priced.

          I thought Greekfest was okay, but not great, and certainly not at those prices. Ouch.

          If you are on the west side of Phoenix, I like the Golden Greek. Cheap, decent, like going to grandmas for Sunday dinner, complete with squabbling in the kitchen (actually, it is rather charming in an odd way).

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            SECOND that! Golden Greek is fabulous (but small, takes forever to get into and they have only one waitress for the entire restuarant, the wife of the couple that owns the place. that said, they are VERY nice, we've been going there for 15 years, and the food is REALLY good. beware, they close for the summer and if i remember, they close unusually early at night, too.

          2. OK so I looked at all the restaurants and I have to say Bacchanal is intriguing. I'm sending my Board of Directors (past Chairman is Greek) and I'm torn between a "fun" place like Bacchanal or Greektown who may have a more traditional atmosphere. I don't want to send them to some cheesy place...but....