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Oct 30, 2006 05:03 PM

Thai for 20?

Unfortunately i don't have time to check all the thai threads. Could someone recommend a thai restaurant suitable for a birthday dinner of about 20 people in the gta? Reasonably priced mains $10-20, not interested in a chain restaurant. I would really appreciate any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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  1. Golden Thai - they also have prix fixe menus with different price points - couldn't find an online link for it.

    105 Church Street @ Richmond (se corner)
    (416) 868-6668

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    1. re: TOgirl

      Thank you i was thinking of Golden, its I was thinking of Bangkok Garden as well if its open, though have to check prices.

      1. re: Little T

        Bangkok Garden has closed. Probably because Linda's (upstairs at Salad King and 5 mins away) has far better food and good ambiance at lower prices. But it closes relatively early (9:15) so may not be suitable.

    2. i would suggest coco rice. it is small and service is always fast. the food is tasty and you could reserve the whole booth that runs the length of the wall.

      1. I've had at least two dinners that large at Real Thailand (Bloor & Spadina). Reasonable prices, great food, and great service. Give it a try.

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        1. re: xtal

          Thanks i'm leaning towards this restaurant now, since i've been to Golden Thai.

        2. I love linda as well. Thai basil on bloor, just past spadina has also been always been excellent, although it is a bit smaller of a space.

          For my own birthday one year we went to Young Thailand, at church and richmond (i believe thats the intersection, not positive though). The service was excellent, and even the non-thai eaters enjoyed the food, and it was affordable for a group of university students. The restaurant is quite big, and they seated us in a nice quiet corner, away from everyone else.

          Let us know what you decide on, and happy birthday!