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Want Dim Sum dinner in LA area.

Hey all, I need a dim sum dinner joint. I know a couple of places in Chinatown that keep hot case of buns fairly late, but no place that rolls the carts around to you. Any ideas?

Thanks folks :)

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  1. Full House in Arcadia, corner of Duarte Road and Golden West Ave. in the Ranch 99 shopping center.

    1. Does Full House do dim sum at night? I thought it was only for lunch.

      1. I don't know of any place that does dim sum at night -- it would be like serving brunch for dinner. Full House in Arcadia doesn't do dim sum at night. Sorry.. maybe you could go out for a dumpling dinner instead?

        1. No one does dim sum for dinner (esp. not cart style).

          1. Dim sum at night would be difficult to find in LA. I've only had dim sum at night in Guangzhou. Ton Kiang in SF serves dim sum at all hours.

            Maybe try the new BBQ place that opened up next to Wing Hop Fung in MPK. I went there on Grand Opening day to get some pork (very good!) for dinner and they still had some dim sum left.

            1. You're looking for something that doesn't exist. Dim sum isn't a dinner item.
              New Won Kok in Chinatown on Alpine Street. They got a dim sum case in the restaurant. Not the greatest dim sum, but dim sum. CBS Seafood has a dim sum and take out area. Depending on when they sell out of dim sum they may still have some in the take out area.

              1. Nothing on carts, but the closest things I can imagine is either that Dim Sum Express shack on Garfield in Monterey Park (near Emerson) or Din Tai Fung for dumplings & steamed buns (but definitely not your full scope of dim sum)


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                  DSE is an option, but they close at 7 p.m.

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                    Largest shu mai I've ever had...size of a golf ball.

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                      haha, wait till you order the ones from Foo Foo Tei!


                  2. Actually, there's an excellent Dim Sum restaurant in the San Fermando Valley, specifically Northridge on Reseda Blvd. They have the carts and serve DIm Sum 7 days a week. It's called A&W Seafood.

                    They also have a regular restaurant, also on Reseda Blvd in Reseda, but only the Northridge restaurant has Dim Sum.

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                      A&W only serves dim sum until 2pm. Dim sum is a breakfast/brunch food -- I don't know of any restaurant that serves it in the evening.