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SO Dinner in Kennet Sqaure

In a week, my SO and I will be taken out to dinner in Kennett Square for his birthday. I was asked by his family to make a dinner reccomendation as I am a vegetarian and they weren't sure where to go.

Looking for a place with good food and at least one or two options for a vegetarian. Planning on eating around 8 on a Tuesday.

Price and decor aren't everything, but would prefer neither a hole in the wall or an extremely expensive dinner option.

What do you suggest?

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  1. Sovana Bistro has good broccoli rabe but I am not sure how vegetarian friendly the establishment is. You may want to call them directly and see what they have on the menu these days. Another option is the Orchard, but it is very pricey, and the Half Moon is too gamey for what you are looking for.

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      I would have to agree suggesting The Orchard! Hands down the finest around but disagree that it is "very pricey". Dinner at the Outback and Sovana Bistro will cost you the same if not more... and at the same price range I would rather be seated at The Orchard in elegant comfort rather than standing in line holding my wine or a beeper waiting for the next available table. The choice is yours... which would you choose?

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        I've never been to Orchard, and that's primarily because of the reports I've heard about "snooty" waitstaff, high prices and outrageous corkage fees. The restaurant is situated practically within walking distance of where I live, but, prior to seeing your post, I haven't been moved to try it out.

    2. My family has been to Sovana and didn't find much as far as vegetarian fare.

      Any other ideas? Are any of the mexican restaurants a good match?

      1. Is Taqeria Morro Leon too casual?

        1. When you say vegetarian, are you vegan?

          Sovana Bistro:
          If you're vegan, pasta.
          If you eat cheese, pizza.

          1. My issue with Sovana lies in a previous post I made several months ago. A very good friend who I trust did not enjoy their meal there. I was hoping there MIGHT be another suggestion in Kennett. I've also heard that the chef from Django left in August.

            My previous post:

            "Friends of mine dined at Sovana this weekend and had a bad meal. They said service was terrible and the food was only so-so. In fact, they saw the chef from Django in the kitchen, but he wasn't cooking at all.

            It took them a long time to be seated, the bread served was paper thin, they never received water. They were charged a corkage fee but were served wine in cheap glasses. One of them was given a dish they didn't order and when they needed a new one it took a LONG time to get it, yet they were nonetheless charged for the dish they didn't order or eat.

            Lastly, the calamari dish LaBan loved so much, was apparently rediculously overdressed and inedible.

            It wasn't cheap either. It's a shame to go to an upscale restaurant and not get upscale service.

            I guess I am not going to try it. "

            Oh, and I am vegetarian. Not vegan.

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              It's unfortunate that your friend had such a bad experience at Sovana Bistro. I dine there, on average, 2-3 times a month. I did find that the wait time for a table increased considerably right after Craig LaBan's 3-bell review, but now that the hoopla has died down, it's not so bad. I'm wondering if your friend's experience occurred at about that time. The restaurant had more customers than it could handle for a while.

              I really enjoy the food there, and often make a meal of "small plates" -- a combination of appetizers, or a salad and an appetizer portion of pasta. I do object to the $5 corkage fee, but I'm glad to have the BYO option.

            2. So the chef from Django left there in August? Maybe that's why our last meal was just so-so there in early September or late August (although we had no problem with the foccacia bread...just everything else!)

              There's also the State Street Grill reincarnation in Kennett but I have never heard anything about it good or bad. And the rotating restaurant/bar space on the other side of Union Street is something else new.

              You may have to settle for Mexican ice cream (or did they close for the season?), or go outside of Kennett for a decent vegetarian meal.

              1. I think we are going to the strip mall mexican restaurant. Why not? The food is supposed to be delicious, even though it is a hole in the wall.

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                  Taqueria Moroleon IS a hole in the wall, but the food is authentically Mexican, cheap and plentiful -- that's just the way I like my Mexican food. And the fact that it's BYO is a plus. I don't know that I'd choose that place for a special celebration, but for getting together with friends it's perfect.

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                    I second this. The food is good and authentic, although it won't dispel my cravings for a Los Angeles taco truck. And yes, not too fancy, if you're looking for a high-end celebration place might not be the best choice.

                2. Taqueria Moroleon? It was ok when we went a while back. Kind of authentic tasting. If you're ever in Delaware you should try the Border Cafe by Christiana Mall...it can't be beat!

                  1. That's not far from Kennett, right? Perhaps we should try Border Cafe instead. What is it like?

                    We were planning on trying Taqueria Moroleon simply because it has been known to be good and there would be SOMETHING vegetarian for me, but we are hoping to think of something a little nicer for his birthday.

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                      The Border Cafe is about a half an hour south of Kennett Square depending on all of the traffic. It is a Mexican/Cajun place that has a great salmon special with corn and black bean salsa and a green salad for $14.99, and good soft tacos, fajitas and the like, and a whole page of vegetarian offerings. We actually like the salmon better there than the Half Moon or Sovana Bistro because every time but once it has been cooked perfectly. If you are bringing kids, the kids entrees are $2.98 for fajitas, a burger, or chicken or cheese quesadillas with fries and skittles or M&M's. The restaurant is big and can get crowded past 6 PM on a Friday, but before that it's fine. They do give you as much warm corn chips and salsa as you want for free, and they have a small bar area. Since it's in DE it's smoke free. They are part of a mini-chain and they finally added a website: http://www.bordercafe.com/

                    2. We like Border Cafe alot but it is extremely noisy with the worst acoustics ever. So, if talking among yourselves is contemplated I'd look elsewhere. Significantly, they also do not serve any dessert whatsoever. And, they do that annoying clapping/singing thing for birthdays. Half Moon is good. Diverse menu and very good beer selection. http://www.halfmoonrestaurant.com/

                      1. I agree the Border Cafe is noisy (but no worse than the downstairs at the Half Moon, who have great desserts (kudos to Lee at Sweet Somethings!), great crab nachos, but not much at all as far as vegetarian fare...))

                        Thankfully I have not encountered any singing severs at the Border Cafe as of yet! Or it could be that the place is so loud I could not hear them over the din.

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                          I'm vegetarian and like both Border Cafe and Half Moon. There isn't a ton to choose from at either place (a handful more options at Border Cafe) but as far as Delaware dining goes, both are plenty acceptable imo. My SO and I can get a good-sized, delicious meal at Border Cafe for around $15, and the noise has never been a problem for us. Half Moon has some excellent appetizers (the cranberry / mushroom / goat cheese crostini comes to mind). And the mexican ice cream shop is a must for dessert, especially if you want to try some unique flavors.

                          Saturninus, next time you find yourself traveling this direction for eats, two other spots with good veg fare are Buckley's Tavern on 52 near the state line and Toscana's in the Trolley Square area in Wilmington. Toscana's has some unique pizzas (they had a fig & honey one for awhile) and some great risottos and other small dishes and salads that can be combined to make for a great meal.

                        2. At Border Cafe, I always try to get the "room" in the back if I have any hope of conversing. The perimeter tables are also a little quieter. True, downstairs at Half Moon is quite noisy too.

                          I love Sweet Somethings. It is now the regular stop to pick up cakes for worthy office celebrations and a somewhat successful attempt to elevate my coworkers' appreciation for fine baked goods above that of sheet cakes from Costco.

                          1. Ended up eating at Taqueria Moroleon and had an amazing time. What a deal! My entire meal was six dollars and I could not have enjoyed it more - a vegetarian bean burrito and bean tostata with rice, avocado, sour cream, etc. Absolutely delicious. Drank it all down with a guava soda. Even the chips and salsa were delicious and fresh, although very spicy.

                            Luckily I don't live near there or I would have a serious problem.

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                              That's my problem -- I DO live close to Taqueria Moroleon and I'm there nearly every week. BTW, my favorite dish there is one that's not even on the menu -- the chicken chimichanga. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner.

                            2. Is it still in the stip shopping center at the edge of town? First time I went there for lunch everything was very cheap. I ordered a little of this one of those some of that...This huge plate of food came that I could not possibly finish. It was still only about $8.

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                                Yep TM is still in the shopping center just down the road a bit from the main part of town. Still incredibly cheap with lots of great food. I'll confess it's not one of my favorites -- two of the three times I've been the service was incredibly unattentive (or is that inattentive?). The food is good, but my favorite spot for mexican (though a bit of a hike from Kennett) is El Jefe in Newark on Kirkwood Highway (Astro Shopping Plaza). They are the only place around that I know of with vegetarian tamales (cheese and pepper). Can't vouch for anything else on the menu, as I get that every time. But it's one of the few local spots I actually get cravings for.

                              2. Yes, the same place. The lunch menu is even cheaper than the dinner menu. The only mexican place in the city that comes close for fast, inexpensive mexican is el fuego and it's still more expensive.

                                1. And speaking of Mexican food, has anyone ever been to the place that's next to Peter Lumber? I don't know the name, but it's on the left, just before Peter Lumber as you're traveling toward Kennett.