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Anyone tried the pub at College Park?

I forget the name. How is it?

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  1. Pogue Mahone?
    The veal sandwich is suppose to be very good. I usually go for drinks so I haven't tried their food.

    1. The food sucks. I have eaten there a few times and was never really pleased. Last time I ordered a burger thinking that was a safe thing to order. But no, it was dry and over cooked. Oh well.
      It is a good place to go for drinks though.

      1. Good place for drinks, excessively loud at times (Friday after work), passable food. The only food I do like are their wings, but only on Tuesday, when they're cheaper. :)

        1. Yup. Not the place for food. Totally agree.

          1. I enjoy the poutine there, although it's not traditional by a long shot. Tasty, but not traditional. I've been kind of underwhelmed by their food, they used to have great wings, but now they're battered instead of traditional buffalo wings (why do so many places do that?!?!) so they're not as good. Monday's are half price apps, so it would be a good time to test stuff out.

            I LOVE their patio in the summer, so many trees makes for a nice space. But the truth is, the inside is way too echo-y to be enjoyable.

            1. Waitress told me Pogue Mahone means "Kiss my Irish A**" in Gaelic. Can anyone confirm this...lol

              Anyhow, great place for after-work drinks; but I would pass on the food.

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                actual it just means "kiss my @$$"

              2. Hubby and I went for brunch the other week. It wasn't bad. My veggie omelette was actually quite good, and the homefries were passable. It's your basic low-end pub food: heavy on the grease and light on the flavour.

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                  I have some friends who enjoy brunching there on occasion also.

                  There's a salad on the menu that is served with raspberrry vinaigrette dressing. It's basically a mess of greens and vegetables swimming in raspberry syrup. Avoid it at all costs. Inexplicably though, I do have a friend who really enjoys it.

                2. used to really like it there, my BF and i would go for nachos. But had a really bad experience.
                  The waiter basically dumped my BF's drink on him and then offered to bring us a new one, but he was SOAKED, so were were like, i think we need to leave and get changed!
                  But then ewe even went back about 10 minutes later, and didnt even get the free dirnks or anything comp'd at all!
                  After we were done eating a ton of nachos he offered us dessert, like why would we want that after??
                  We never went back!

                  1. Food's pretty terrible. Do not get anything that is supposed to be fresh i.e. salad.

                    The perogies are tolerable.

                    1. I tried the philly cheese steak there once. It wasn't bad but definitely not memorable...