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Oct 30, 2006 04:34 PM

us restaurant, after all these years...

I used to go to this restaurant in the late '80s, when I was low on money, but wanted decent food. This place fit the bill perfectly. Fast forward to 06! This place came back and on this visit to SF, I was eager to try it. The spaghetti/ravioli w/meatballs were good; My veal sandwich w/fries was large and tasty. But, the prices were much higher than I expected. Granted it's been almost 20 years, but the prices were comparable to Washington Square Grill for brunch! We only had a couple of entrees for about $35 including tax and all, which isn't bad, but it wasn't cheap for what I remembered it to be . I like the place and the nostalgia of it all, but it's not the place it used to be!"

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  1. It's literally not the place it used to be. It was sold in 1988, the new owners changed the name and everything else, it went out of business (Panta Rei's now in that space), the old owners opened a new restaurant of the same name in a new location in 2000, and it was sold in 2004.

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      Checked my last post on terrible lasagna at US Restaurant and it was in 2003.
      Guess I'll drop my boycott and think about trying it again under the current owners if someone posts something compelling.

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        Or maybe not. Here's a recent report on the service or rather lack thereof -

    2. I was so sad to see it go from the original space. In the 80's we used to go Friday nights for calamari. SOOOOOOO yummy and greasy.

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        For old-school North Beach, you might try Green Valley.

      2. It's been some months, but every time I replied to a request for favorite Northbeach Italian I would mention the reopened U.S. and its neighbor Osteria del Forno as my top faves. Really, the ONLY thing that U.S. does that I don't think is just great is their minestrone (watery). I typically eat a big delicious meal there for under $15: Veal parm., pasta - such as fresh ravioli, and a side of spinach with garlic, evoo, lemon and parm., and with their fine bread - I'm full and have had a very delicious meal (usually with leftovers to go). They make a great thick, charry/juicy cheeseburger on Italian bread (as they did in the old place with the booths and big, wide venetian blinds), arancini, tiramisu - they've got it all and they do it very well, and if it's affordable to me it is definitely in the inexpensive/moderate column. U.S is old school SF Italian (southern)in the best sense, and accessible. They have a big menu. Usually get a table right away. I like the upstairs room. You can tell a lot of local business people eat their daily lunch here - I would. Keep your eye out for their inexpensive daily specials: seafood such as swordfish or calamari, calf's liver. Waitresses are old and don't need to write down your order - even with substitutions, which they cheerfully make. The U.S. Restaurant is on the west side of Columbus near Green.

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          Last time I was there a few years ago, they were still making a sturdy osso bucco.

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            No, it's not expensive, just not the bargain I remember it to be. When its prices approach those of local places like the Washington Square Grill, it's a little hard to justify going to the US. The food is good, the waitresses are homey and nice(they take your order on a pad now), and the place is comfortable, but I probably wouldn't return except for the nostalgia factor.