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Oct 30, 2006 04:31 PM

Going to San Juan, Puerto Rico anytime soon?

We went last Christmas, had a wonderful time and found some great (off the beaten track) places to eat (and a few not so great!). While in San Juan, following the advice of a Gourmet article about the Puerto Rican chef Ayala, I went to the local produce market and at a particular stall, found the locally made hot sauce he raved about. I brought some home, but not nearly enough. It is awesome, and now I have none left! I was hoping that if someone were going there sooner than later, I could give you directions and you would get some for yourself, for sure and a bottle or two to bring back or send back to me?
thanks, Susan
PS Once we hook up, we can sort out actual logistics off list.

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  1. Hi Susan. I'll be going from 12/25 - 1/5. Love to hear about the place and would gladly bring you back some of the hot sauce. Would certainly be interested in hearing where else you ate too as we've compiled a nice list.

    Email me at

    1. i'm going there on nov 16th... but i'm curious why you didn't disclose the location of the place in your original post?

      1. I posted yesterday with a post about the San Juan market and the hot sauce. It is truly amazing stuff!