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Oct 30, 2006 03:53 PM

Kosher in East Village and Gourmet in NYC

I'll be visiting NYC (from Chicago) with my sister next week, and I've never really been on my own there as far as food- I've always gone with family, and ended up eating at places outside Manhattan. I'm looking for close and *good* kosher options in the East Village (we're staying on 13th Street between 1st and 2nd Ave). Any first-hand recommendations are much appreciated!

I also want to have a NICE dinner out with her, no holds barred. So, what're the fancy-shmancy places- y'know, the "tablecloth restaurants", the proposing-to-my-b'sheret places, the I'm-on-vacation-and-left-my-diet-and-budget-at-home places... Location is less important here, 'cause we'll make our plans that night around dinner.

Thanks in advance!! Go Bears!

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  1. For the fancy gourmet I would suggest Solo - high end and very good - owned by the same people who own The Prime Grill also an excellent steak house style restaurant

    1. Chickpea--which is open on Shabbos--is on 8th and 3rd and is great shawarma. Unfortunately, the other major kosher options in that hood--Triangles, 2nd Ave and Village Crown have all closed.

      1. When I went to school in the neighborhood in the mid 90s there were two places on First Avenue near 14th street a pizza joint and a shwarma place. There was also a fancy restauraunt called the Kosher Tea Room (I think it was on Third & 12th). Did all of these places go under (yes I know about Village Crown).

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            Just took a look at the shamash site. It appears that the pizza place (La Bagel) and Shwarma (Murray's Falafel & Grill) both on 1st Ave btwn 15th and 16th are still open. There are other places in the area which I am unfamiliar with. Visit the shamash website (below) and enter New york for the city.


          2. The original comment has been removed