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Oct 30, 2006 03:53 PM

Dino's Burgers

Does anyone know if the Dino's Burgers @ 2817 N. Main is the same Dino's Burgers as the one @ 2575 W. Pico with the famous chicken special?

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  1. They may have some sort of connection, but the one on N. Main does NOT have the chicken special and in my limited experience years ago the burgers aren't nearly as good as the Dino's on Pico at Berendo.

    1. yes they are the same, but the menu is a little different. From what I remember the one on main serves rice and beans with the chicken plate, as the Dino's on Pico just serves fries and cole slaw. Truth be known is that the one on Pico is better and more known. I also know that both are run by brothers. One owns the one on Pico and the other on Main.

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        Ya, they both have el pollo maniaco. I kinda like the main st version because the chicken comes with the rice and beans in addition to the fries, but Both are good, I'd go to whichever is closer.

        1. re: MrShoop

          You can order rice and beans at the Pico location. I think it's a quarter more. I tried this alternative once and wasn't particularly impressed.

      2. I tried the one on Main today and the chicken itself is pretty much the same only drier. Everything else is very different. I'll drive across town to the Pico from now on.

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          1. Tried the chicken plate at the Pico location over the weekend, and it was terrific. Their marinade is a spicy, tangy work of art. They were out of beans and rice, so it was served on a bed of fries, which soaked up the juices from the chicken, becoming soggily, nastily delicious. And a half-chicken with fries and slaw is $4.50. Tough to beat.