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Oct 30, 2006 03:20 PM

Catering toothpicks (with the knots at the end)

OK, hope the moderators aren't going to censor me for this one, but I figure that this is close enough to food since I need to find them to serve with the antipasto for a party I'm throwing. Has anyone seen where to buy these? The are longer and more elegant than a regular toothpick, with a little knot at the end. Thanks very much!

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  1. I think they're made from bamboo. I've seen them at housewares stores in Chinatown. I would suggest Plaiter Place, although you might want to call first to find out if they have them (384 Spadina, 416-593-9734)

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      Hurray midtowngirl! Yes, I believe they are made of bamboo and I don't know why I didn't think of Chinatown -- will try the place you suggested -- thanks!

      1. re: MichelinStarChaser

        Pretty sure I got mine at Tap Phong on Spadina.

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          Thanks Mila, I'm not originally from Toronto and I don't know Chinatown very well, so this is really helpful!

            1. re: MichelinStarChaser

              Try and make some extra time to browse around the store. It's a crazy collection of all things kitchen with some real amazing deals here and there.

      2. Great, I need them for tomorrow, so will go today or tomorrow! Don't know what I'd do without you 'Hounds! thank you!

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          Tap Phong and Plaiter Place are my two favourite stores in Chinatown. If you have the time, do take a wander through the stores (tho' PP is itty bitty and it won't take you much time to do a circuit). Some of the best values in the city. Great bamboo place mats and runners at PP for $3/piece.

          Oh, and the two stores are only about a block apart -- on the west side of Spadina, a block or two south of College.