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Oct 30, 2006 02:48 PM

Thanksgiving in Birmingham

Hi all,

Does anyone know of restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving day in Birmingham, AL? Am not looking for anything too expensive. Something for lunch or dinner would be good. Would appreciate the suggestions!

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  1. What is your specific price range? I think some of the hotels do a buffet and I'm sure some of the local restaurants (BrightStar in Bessemer, maybe??) have one but it would be helpful if you narrowed down the selection as well as what type or types of cuisine you're open to. While the majority of restaurants aren't open that day, there are several that are open.

    1. I am thinking about around or less than $65 for two people. I am to open to trying all types of cuisines so thats not a problem. If you can let me know a few restaurants that might be open it would really helpful.

      1. Since it's now in the Tutwiler Hotel, G's is likely to be open. But you should call to confirm.

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          I had a HORRIBLE experience at G this weekend during City Stages weekend. The wait staff was incredibly rude as was the owner.

          1. re: gyp7318

            I had a similarly bad experience at G's a year or two ago during City Stages, but wouldn't use it as a measure of their normal performance. Everything downtown if overwhelmed that weekend.

            I haven't eaten there since it moved so I can't give any recent experience.

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              Just as an FYI, the restaurant at the Tutwiler is called Icon. It was opened by the same guys who ran Restaurant G, but the name changed.
              Both men are now no longer connected to the restaurant (in the case of Chef Geoffrey Slate -- the first to leave -- that is a shame, although the new chef is good in his own right).
              I would imagine that Icon would have been a zoo on the weekend of City Stages, but there is no excuse for rude service/management. Hopefully that has been corrected by the new bosses.
              Unfortunately, Icon will never have the charm and attractiveness that Restaurant G had on 4th Avenue North. NOw we can only say there's but one truly great restaurant downtown: Cafe Dupont.

          2. Try the Wynfrey. I imagine either Shula's Steakhouse or The Chicory Grille (both at the Wynfrey) is serving Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. It may be hard to get a reservation though since the Galleria mall is attached. The "day-after" shoppers may have filled the hotel and their restaurants to capacity. I'd check ASAP.

            1. Stumbled across the following Bham Turkey Day openings . . .


              Hope this helps . . .

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              1. re: sheilal

                Hi Sheilal, thanks for link but those openings were for 2000. :)
                I called the wynfrey and they are booked up. Does anybody have suggestions for places that might be open on thanksgiving day? I am not really looking for a turkey dinner. I am fine with any other cuisines as well. And, the other thing, I might not be getting into Birmingham until about 6 pm.

                1. re: mzfoodie

                  Sorry about that MZ. I had posted the question on a dining forum board on and got this response. Should have checked it out before I published it here. The Bright Star in Bessemer is about 15-20 miles out of town, but I keep hearing that it might be open for Thanksgiving.

                  We've got a great local magazine that has a website for restaurant searches. At least you could narrow down to the area where you're staying and make a couple of calls.


                  Hope this helps.