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Oct 30, 2006 02:47 PM

Fried Oyster / Shrimp Po-boys

When it comes to a fried oyster or shrimp po-boy place, is there a standout choice within walking distance of the quarter? Acme's oysters were a bit too breaded and overcooked for me last time (6 mo ago) and Johnnie's shrimp po-boy (also 6 mo ago) was voluminous yet quite ho-hum. Some of the best fried stuff (to me) used to be at the sadly now defunct Deanie's. Thanks for your recommendations!!!

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  1. I'll probably get flamed as a tourist for saying this, but I like the shrimp/oyster po-boys at Mothers. Definitely overpriced, but good.

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    1. re: saeyedoc

      thanks for the tip, I only tend to think about the debris / ferdi when I'm there...

    2. get the oyster loaf at casamento's. you would have to take the magazine st. bus to get there, however, but its the best oyster place in town. i also like the shrimp po-boys at mothers, and i am local.

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      1. Crabby Jack's, 428 Jefferson Highway, Jefferson, (504) 833-2722.

        It's owned by Jacques, the owner of Jacques-Imo's, and the po boys are terrific!

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          1. re: Friend of Bill

            Absolutely not walkable, but I second this rec.

          2. absolutely gotta ditto Crabby Jacks...but yeah, gotta get a rental car, cab ride is too much...had their duck po-boy yesterday....really sloppy and really good

            I'll also second Mother's, yeah it caters to tourists but it's still amazing!

            One other recommendation...Domilise's...bit of a treck but if you're taking the bus uptown by way of Magazine it's not that bad a hike if it's a nice day.

            1. I will confess - my kid worked there when he was a Tulane student! (Also at Jacques-Imo's). But it is still good!