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Oct 30, 2006 02:31 PM

Used Restaurant Equipment in Brooklyn

I am in the market for a half-size convection oven.

I live and Brooklyn and understand that some of the better used restaurant equipment suppliers are nearby.

Any suggestions on places to look?


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  1. I only know of the stores on Bowery in Manhattan. I'm curious as well to see where used equipment stores are in Brooklyn.

    1. You may also want to check out restaurant auctions. If you look in the Sunday Times, I think they are listed in the back of the business section. You will see a listing of weekly auctions. It's hit or miss. They also are ususally cash only.

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      1. re: michele cindy

        This listing is in the back of the Jobs section.

      2. There is an area on Atlantic Ave passed Flatbuish, passed Fort Greene and into Bed Stuy on the way to the airports. Drive out there and look. You'll find lots of restaurant supply places. Sorry on the names...

        1. Kerekes

          They are on 15th avenue around 60th street...good luck!

          1. Thanks, all. I will post a report after my search.