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Oct 30, 2006 02:27 PM

Le cruset French Oven , buy it or not?

Have been looking at the LC french ovens - any size reccomendations and any comments about LC? These arent inexpensive and I appreciate the input! Thanks

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  1. I have a large dutch oven style pot, and love it. Direct from stove to oven, holds heat really well, easy to clean. I've been considering getting a stove top grill as well.

    However, I can't compare Le Creuset to other enameled pots as I've never tried them.

    I would suggest that you do not purchase your pot at William's Sonoma as the prices there are outrageous. I found mind at Homesense (in Canada.....similar to TJ Maxx I think, only for housewares) at 50% of the WS cost.

    1. I have two -- a medium and a large -- they look the same, but I think one is a Le Cruset and one is some other brand. I love them. They are perfect for any soup, stew, pasta sauce etc and clean up quite easily.

      If it matters, I inhereted both from my mom. They have to each be at least 30 years old and have held up beautifully. They were not cheap when she bought them, but based n number of uses over the years, I'd say the price works out.

      1. Were I banned to a desert island and allowed to take only one piece of cookware with me, it'd be my Le Cruset dutch oven. Fry, poach, boil, braise, roast, bake -- there's next to nothing it doesn't do and doesn't do well. I think the oval ovens are preferable, as they can handle just about everything the round ones can and lots the round ones can't (whole fowl, legs of lamb, whole leeks, etc. -- it's surprising how many things we cook that are longer than they are wide).

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          I agree - I love my Le Creuset - I use it for risotto, braises, soups ... boiling pasta in a pinch. I only have the 7qt round one, though I can see the oval making a lot of sense for somethings, my round one has served me well for about 10 - 12 years now - including some abuse - soaking overnight etc.

        2. Count me in the LC fan club. I have a few different pieces.

          I personally don't use my oval that often. My most used is my 3.5 qt buffet pan but I mostly cook for two people. When I'm cooking for a group I pull out my big 8.75 at round.

          When I was working at a kitchen store I usually recommended the 5.5qt round as a good all-around piece.

          Saturday I received a flyer in the mail from Tuesday Morning with Le Creuset all over the cover. If you have one around you, you might want to wait until Nov 7 and check out their next opening. They usually have great prices when they carry this. The flyer said it would be first quality in paprika and slate.

          1. I love my 9 qt. LC, which I got at Marshalls for a fraction of the retail cost. I wish I had a 5qt as well, because the 9 is so huge.

            I would say the oval looks like it'd be great for a whole chicken or other oval shaped meats (a roast, for example), but I like the round because it's easy to store and I can't wrap my mind around the idea of a pot on the burner that isn't the shape of the flame (I know, silly). I do like being able to stack smaller pots in and on top of my enormous LC though, and it'd be hard to do that with an oval pot.