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Oct 30, 2006 02:27 PM

Iron Chef/Faulkner vs. Cora

Is it me or was it completely unfair that Faulkner went up against Cora AND Pichet Ong? She didn't have anyone helping her prepare savory dishes. So why does Cora get a great pastry chef like Ong to help her?

I caught it about half way so if I'm mistaken someone correct me please.

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  1. He was working as one of the sous chefs, yes? The Iron Chefs have some very accomplished people working as sous chefs. I've recognized Patricia Yeo a couple of times working as a sous chef.

    1. Actually, Elizabeth Faulkner, herself an accomplished pastry chef, has often served as Cat Cora's sous chef on the show. Who were Faulkner's sous chefs on the show? I'll bet that they were also quite excellent chefs.