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Oct 30, 2006 02:05 PM

What's The Most Exotic Food You've Ever Eaten????

It could be anything from anywhere on earth. What was it???where were you??would you recommend it to others????stuff like that. I've had Caju(cashew fruit)- which is unexplainable in terms of taste but it wasn't bad, Jackfruit- is really good almost a custard-like texture,very sweet,Canepas-Puerto Rican fruit which somewhat resembles a Leechi nut,these are amazing. Sri Lankan cuisine which I had in NYC, very good all around and I would tell anyone who hasn't tried it yet to give it a shot.I could go on for hours but I want to hear from everyone else.

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  1. I would second Sri Lankan. Over a decade ago I lived in Minneapolis, MN and one night had an incredible dinner at a restaurant called (aptly) the Sri Lanka Curry House. Hottest, wildest food I had ever had (I was 22). Too much for my co-workers but I loved it. Looked it up online a few years later, where I learned that though it was only one of 5 Sri Lankan restaurants in the US at the time, it had just closed. I was in San Diego by then, but was still totally bummed.

    I tried to get a taste of the cuisine in Tarzana recently, but it just didn't compare to the time and labor-intensive meal I had way back then.

    1. I've posted my favorites before, but: rice field rats and crunchy whole fried sparrows in Burma (people wouild never eat rats found near humans), fried bugs (white grubs become adults at the same time every two years and swarm in specific trees) in the Philippines, 18-day duck embryos in the Philippines and Vietnam, BBQ chicken feet (also Philippines) and smoked capybara in the Peruvian Amazon--are all good. Strangely, the beer food in the Philippines listed above is as good as the rest of the food is bad.

      My least favorites include Ethiopian injira (bread made from teff flour that tastes like used swamp-cooler foam sheets)and yak butter tea in Bhutan (rancid-ish).

      1. Szechuan pig's lungs in Shenzhen, China. Not bad flavor but very unpleasant texture.

        That's something I've experienced more than once - while I generally enjoy the flavors, the Chinese are every fond of certain textures, especially gelatinous and cartilaginous ones, that I find hard to swallow (literally!)

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          I fix smoked cow's lung (bofe) here in Colombia. One good way is as Thai-Lao laab.

        2. Balut, which is a partially developed chicken embryo inside the egg. I was really drunk in Manila and decided to buy one off a street vendor @ 2am. I didn't really enjoy it. Not so much the taste, but the texture of the embryo was a bit weird.

          1. Barbequed chicken hearts are nice...and cheap!