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Oct 30, 2006 12:43 PM

Palo Santo-Review

Had dinner at Palo Santo this weekend. We decided to go early because we were famished and prefer to be done before the crowds roll in. We arrived at 6:15 (they open at 6) and were the first ones there. We were told that the kitchen wasn't open yet, but that we could sit. Okay, no problem.

We sat and they brought us water right away. Our server kept checking back to see if we had any questions about the menu. He could not have been nicer and I think was a little uncomfortable that we were just sitting there waiting. A couple of other tables came in, and waited.

About 20 minutes after we sat he took our order. Food came out quickly. We ordered a salad to start, two small plates, and two entrees. The salad was a grilled travasano with goat cheese and rajas. Tasty. Apps were ceviche and a poached lobster. Ceviche was actually pretty bad. Too much acid and lots of chewy bites of fish. Poached lobster, however, was delicious. Buttery with lots of thinly sliced pieces of radish.

Entrees were good as well. We had a whole grilled trout and griot (wild boar with pickled okra and cabbage). Both were good. Not amazing, but perfectly tasty. The only comment was that the trout came with the same vinaigrette as the salad and the same radishes as the lobster. Pretty much everything we ate had a lot of vinegar or citrus of some sort. Kind of made all the flavors mush together.

Dessert was awesome. We shared a piece of sorrell pudding pie with pomegranate seeds. Totally rockin.

Total before tip $81 (prices include ny state tax). They were packed when we left.

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  1. Thanks for your review, I was curious about this place.

    Your review just reaffirms why I choose to spend my money at restaurants with proven and consistent excellence. I would summarize your take on Palo Santo as "just OK." But for $81 in Brooklyn it needs to be more than "just OK." I ate at Al Di La last night and the bill was $62.00 befor tip and we talked about the meal the enitre lenghth of the walk back home. And we didn't have to wait for the kitchen to be ready.

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      I repsectfully disagree with your characterization of livetotravel's take as "Just OK"! S/he described most of the food as at least "tasty" to "delicious" and even "awesome." It sounds good overall, although not perfect.

      I, for one, thought the grilled trevasano salad with goat cheese and poblanos, plus an order of pupusas, made a delicious lunch. Palo Santo is a great addition to the neighborhood. (Hopefully, they will work out some of the service issues, which most new places have.) If we only went al di la everytime, it would get pretty boring!

      1. re: parkslopemama

        is this grilled trevisano radicchio that you guys are referring to? How do the poblanos fit into this dish - sounds interesting.

        1. re: parkslopemama

          I think livetotravel summed me up pretty well. I would go with ok to good for the amount of money spent. Honestly, I would have been more satisfied if I had spent $71 and not $81. Would I go back? Probably not. The lobster appetizer was $15. No one in this neighborhood charges $15 for a lobster small plate. Also I like the point that the server could have let us know about the similar flavors. Except that I got the feeling that everything on their menu has a lot of acidity in some form or another.

      2. This is the sort of situation where the servers ought to be more aware and could help in pointing out that the dishes may be too similar to be enjoyable together. A shame.

        1. Palo Santo is far better than "Just okay." I had a really interesting meal there recently, with several memorable dishes. I'd go back in a second.

          1. Agreed, IU really like the place and the fact that they are open every day for breakfast and lunch is a plus.