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Oct 30, 2006 12:05 PM

Dinner near Met

My husband is taking me to the Met to see Madame Butterfly. We are staying in the Upper WestSide. Any suggestions for dinner? We aren't fussy - but like good food at a reasonable cost without pretension. Thanks for your ideas.

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  1. Telepan is in the area ... excellent food, no pretension.

    1. I had a very nice dinner at Cafe des Artistes a few weeks ago. Although my favorite when in the area is Jean Georges.

      1. We had a wonderful dinner at Compass (70th St.) after a matinee at the Met Opera recently.

        They have a $35 prix-fixe with three courses (just a couple choices, but good ones) or you can order a la carte for a little more.

        We thought it was great to have a dinner of this caliber at this price, and we enjoyed the experience immensely. I would go back in a flash!

        1. When I think of that area I love Picholine but it can be expensive.
          I don't find it pretentious but some might.