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UWS for Friday nite dinner and then the next day....

Looking for some help and direction. We're staying off of 75th near Broadway and will need dinner recommendations for Friday nite and Saturday nite. Friday want to keep to the general vicinity (walking) and Saturday we're heading down Broadway towards theatre district. considering the following: Aegean, Land Thai, Cafe Ronda, Ruby Foo's, and Pasha. Want moderately priced as it will be us w/ a teen and college student and fairly casual atmosphere. Happy to get more recommendations. Don't want Chinese, Mexican or American but would consider different/interesting burger joint, Italian ok.

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  1. Try Swagat on Amsterdam and 79th. It's cozy, with really great Northern Indian food and attentive service. Entrées are $10 or less. (Try the mixed bread basket - it's awesome.)

    If you can walk a little more uptown, there a Café con Leche (Dominican food) on Amsterdam in the lower 80s, I think. The food is good and comforting, and the atmosphere is very teen-friendly.

    For your Saturday night, I assume you won't be walking? In which case, you should hit Hell's Kitchen/9th Ave restaurants. So many options is so few blocks...

    1. I would recommend Celeste, a great little Italian place on Amsterdam near 84th Street. Go a little earlier, before 6:00 if possible to avoid the crowds. It is a tiny little place that does not take reservations but their food is very good and prices reasonable. A word of caution, it is cash only

      1. I've been to Land Thai 3-4 times and would recommend it. The food is a little more interesting than your run-of-the-mill Thai places, and definitely nice and spicy. Nice atmosphere, though tiny so you might have to wait a bit. Also, they have an $8 lunch menu.

        Cafe con Leche is also good for Latin American comfort food, as piccola mentioned.

        1. thanks for these recommendations. I guess reservations are a must on a Friday nite if we are expecting to eat around 8pm?

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            I would highly recommend you make reservations if you plan on eating at that time and you should make them sooner rather than later.

          2. Land is one of my favorite thai restaurants in the city. The appetizer sampler and drunk man noodles are my standard order. Another favorite neighborhood place that would be great for a teen/college age is Fred's at 84th and Amsterdam. It's a cozy little American restaurant decorated with a pictures of neighborhood dogs. Great mac and cheese and meatloaf. Nice fireplace.

            1. I heartily second the Swagat recommendation, especially the shirmp pondicherry appetizer. You can't go wrong with the Chicken Makhani main course delicious as well.

              For a no-frills, cheap/cheap/cheap (did I say cheap?) experience, duck into La Caridad at 78th and Bway, southwest corner. Chinese and Spanish food combo joint. Waiters have no personality, but don't confuse that with distain. Food is really good. I love the hot and sour soup, avocado salad, and any pork dish that's on the menu.

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                Amen to the shrimp pondicherry at Swagat!

              2. Onera, at 222 W. 79th. Fabulous greek inspired food. Not cheap, but a great value for what you get, and if Ruby Foo's was in your budget, you'll be fine. For Italian, Celeste, on Amsterdam (84/85) as mentioned above is also wonderful, unless you want to carry on a conversation during your meal.

                1. Husband has squashed the idea of Thai so I think it will be Bella Sguardo or Italian. We're not keen on noisy dining spots so are there any other Italian restaurant that you all would recommend.

                  1. My husband and I always liked Arte Cafe on 73rd St., just west of Columbus. It is very family friendly, terrific varied menu, tables spaced nicely and good solid Italian food. It can get a little pricier if you order specials and steaks, etc. but if you stick to their great pastas and terrific brick oven pizzas it is definitely moderate. Their appetizers and salads are also very good and the portions are definitely large. I alweays end up taking leftovers home.

                    Check out their menu on menupages to review. Don't worry about the reviews here, I never look at or trust them here or on citysearch and the like.


                    1. I like Cafe Ronda a lot these days. Just went there last night, love the chimichurri sauce and the empanada (yum!). Plus the whole meal cost $35/person including the sangria and apps. Secret is the parrillada (which on the menu says for 2) easily feeds 3 hungry men or 4 lighter eaters.

                      1. Nice Matin (79th and Broadway)
                        Nonna (so yummy, Italian but great 84th & Columbus)
                        I may be the only person who doesn't love Celeste--both times I went my pasta was gummy . . .
                        Fairway Cafe
                        Nicks (super cheap, good burgers and everyone will find something on that menu)

                        1. The All State chicken at All State Cafe on the south side of W72nd street between B'way and West End Avenue is quite yummy and reasonable!

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                            I must have gone on an off night, but when I got the fried chicken at All State, it came out dry and almost on the burnt side. I guess I'll have to try it again :)