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Oct 30, 2006 11:05 AM

UWS for Friday nite dinner and then the next day....

Looking for some help and direction. We're staying off of 75th near Broadway and will need dinner recommendations for Friday nite and Saturday nite. Friday want to keep to the general vicinity (walking) and Saturday we're heading down Broadway towards theatre district. considering the following: Aegean, Land Thai, Cafe Ronda, Ruby Foo's, and Pasha. Want moderately priced as it will be us w/ a teen and college student and fairly casual atmosphere. Happy to get more recommendations. Don't want Chinese, Mexican or American but would consider different/interesting burger joint, Italian ok.

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  1. Try Swagat on Amsterdam and 79th. It's cozy, with really great Northern Indian food and attentive service. Entrées are $10 or less. (Try the mixed bread basket - it's awesome.)

    If you can walk a little more uptown, there a Café con Leche (Dominican food) on Amsterdam in the lower 80s, I think. The food is good and comforting, and the atmosphere is very teen-friendly.

    For your Saturday night, I assume you won't be walking? In which case, you should hit Hell's Kitchen/9th Ave restaurants. So many options is so few blocks...

    1. I would recommend Celeste, a great little Italian place on Amsterdam near 84th Street. Go a little earlier, before 6:00 if possible to avoid the crowds. It is a tiny little place that does not take reservations but their food is very good and prices reasonable. A word of caution, it is cash only

      1. I've been to Land Thai 3-4 times and would recommend it. The food is a little more interesting than your run-of-the-mill Thai places, and definitely nice and spicy. Nice atmosphere, though tiny so you might have to wait a bit. Also, they have an $8 lunch menu.

        Cafe con Leche is also good for Latin American comfort food, as piccola mentioned.

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          1. thanks for these recommendations. I guess reservations are a must on a Friday nite if we are expecting to eat around 8pm?

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              I would highly recommend you make reservations if you plan on eating at that time and you should make them sooner rather than later.