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Oct 30, 2006 05:13 AM

Tastes in Food and Music: Is there a correlation?

I was just thinking about people's tastes in food and music. When I consider the differences in the flavor palettes of say, classic French cuisine and traditional Japanese food, I can't help but think of the parallel differences in music, too.

Would you say that people who enjoy many types of music also enjoy many kinds of food? Is there a correlation between enjoying a cuisine and enjoying the music of that cuisine? Are people who like non-traditional musical forms more likely to enjoy unusual dishes or exotic foods?

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  1. So interesting to come across this thread just now. We went to Babbo tonight for the first time. And it was intersting to walk into the restaurant and meet up with Jimi Hendrix, and then the North Mississippi Allstars at pretty ear-splitting decible levels wafting over the speaker system!

    So, instead of posting to yet another of the one hundred Babbo treads in action at chowhound -- I'm wondering - how important is music to your dining experience? Can the music playing ruin or completely enhance your food intake?

    And just for the record. I love food! I love music! My husband is a DJ for a very respected public radio station here in the city. So, I'm interested in the music choices that restaurants choose. And occasionally, as tonight, I'm shocked! I can certainly understand loud rock back in the kitchen at Babbo -- but for the front of the house, I thought it was an odd choice.

    What do you think when you're eating?

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      I love the musice at Babbo! Beside the food and service, that was my favorite thing there.

      I wished I lived in NY so I could go regularly.

    2. I think a link is possible for adventurous eaters and "adventurous" music lovers. A good friend of mine certainly fits the profile. He will try any recipe, any ingredient, and any band/group/artist at least once or twice before passing judgement. I, on the other hand, love to try new cuisines and ingredients but I know exactly what type of music I want to hear. I don't want to disparage any specific music genre, but I just don't want to subject my ears to the possibility of the same cacophony that comes over some public radio stations today.

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          Depends on what I'm cooking. If its comfort food, then the mellow stuff like Norah Jones and Jack Johnson. If I'm just being a little insane in the kitchen, trying to create something with random stuff that I've found/heard about on the boards, then some techno/trance mixes.

      1. Hard question to answer since there are many variables and music and food have very different meanings to each person.

        I know people who like all kinds of music but aren't into food beyond consuming not to die. I also know people who like a particular type of music but like all kinds off food. Example: my Dad is stuck in big band type music but if the food is good (regardless of the orgin) he'll say so and enjoy it.

        On a general note however I do think people who have broadened their horizons musically and food wise would be open to a variety of either...but everyone has preferences and limits. There's also something to be said about a discerning palette.

        I do think music can enhance an experience and add a dimension but if the food or music are good they can stand on their own and often are better alone. Tough question.

        1. Mozart with pizza, Brahms with pork chops and Bach with linguini. Makes perfect sense.

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          1. re: beevod

            This reminds me of the scene in "City Slickers" where the 'ice cream'
            brothers are challenged to name the best flavor to follow a particular

          2. BBQ? Honkytonk country, delta blues.
            Tikified Polynesian? Martin Denny.
            Classical French? Satie, Ravel.
            Tes-Mex? Los Superseven.
            Per Se Tasting Menu? The Ring Cycle (beginning to end).
            Olive Garden? Julius LaRosa, Lou Monte.
            Jewish Deli? The Klezmatics.
            German? Lotte Lenya.
            A lovely day, a shady tree, a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and a comely thou? Mozart or Tony Bennett.

            ...and the beat goes on...

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            1. re: Striver

              Ha- the ring cycle from beginning to end. Comes with a pillow :)