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Oct 30, 2006 04:54 AM

Non-dairy clam chowder recipe?

Looking for a dairy free (incl soy) recipe for clam chowder -- can anyone help? TIA.

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  1. It sounds like you might be looking for a Manhattan Style Clam Chowder which is tomato based, and uses no cream or milk.

    1. I assume you want a NE style. I've done it many times using a roux made with flour & Smart Balance margarine (excellent taste, no trans fats), and a Coffeemate solution. Really, self explanatory. Just do a roux and then add a very rich dilution of Coffeemate powder and bottled clam juice. Then go ahead with the minced bell pep., celery, onions and S & P, and rubbed thyme. Add the best clams and as much of them as you can get - at the last moment. Serve with garlic bread made with olive oil or margarine, and lemon wedges.

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        Addendum to the above post: I forgot the potatoes.

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          FYI: not all Smart Balance is Dairy Free; neither is Coffeemate!!
          If the person is looking for a LACTOSE free recipe, they can give those a shot, but I just checked the nutritional facts on both products' websites and they do contain milk products (casein, whey, etc.)
          Earth Balance is a dairy-free margarine that tastes great.
          For the milk base, I'd use soy milk & maybe some soy creamer (Silk brand) or you could try rice milk if you're avoiding soy. Buen provecho!

        2. Legal Seafoods makes a delicious "light" clam chowder - clear broth, no tomatoes or cream. Here's a link to one version of the recipe:

          This type of chowder is also known as Rhode Island style.

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            have you tried this recipie? i'm hopeful!

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              Thanks for the RI tip and the link -- can't wait to try it out! And thanks to everyone else for your hints and help.

            2. You want Rhode Island Clam Chowder: fish/chicken stock, clams, potatoes, onions sauteed in fatback. If you want a thicker soup, sautee the potatoes before the onions and slowly add stock. The potatoes sticking to the bottom of the pot act as a kind of roux. You could also just add grated raw potato as a thickening agent.

              I've also heard of adding fat-free nondairy creamcheese as a thickener, but that might contain soy.

              1. You could make a veloute instead of a milk-based sauce. Make a blond roux ("pareve"/non-dairy margarine, or olive oil, with all-purpose flour), stir in chicken vegetable broth very gradually using a whisk. You'll have a stock-based thickened sauce that will be tasty with the clams and the potatoes.