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Oct 30, 2006 04:49 AM

Did anyone catch the Fox Restaurant feature in the Arizona Rep?

It's actually a 3-part series.

The Rep is pretty boring so I was a tad shocked that they would dedicate resources to lengthy story on an eatery.

That said, it wasn't a well written or a strong piece of journalism. Still, I give them a thumbs up for trying.

Likewise, I wasn't wowed by the Fox plans, though I also have to give them props for exploring something new.

We'll have to pay them a visit!

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    1. Yea, caught it. Though, I wouldn't say it's badly written. It's a large informational piece done as best most any publication could, considering the circumstances: buzz manufactured largely by the Fox Restaurant Concept publicity machine.

      Much like any similar restaurant with a lot of hype in regard both it's food and atmosphere, by the general restaurant-eating populous, Olive & Ivy will most likely do very well, regardless of reality.

      But, I could be wrong. I'm eating there for first time this week, and am very curious to see what it's like.

      1. I just read it. It's not bad, but it seems to dwell far more on the decor and the search for the chef than on the food. It reminds me of when Fox opened the Greene House. All of the publicity seemed to focus on the California Craftsman architecture with very little mention of the food. That's not a criticism of the food. I haven't been to the Greene House, so I have no basis for judgment. It's just interesting to note that sometimes the restaurant "concept" gets more publicity than the actual meals served.

        1. Here's their menu... click on the top links for lunch/dinner/brunch

          To be fair, I'll have to try the place. Along the same line, there's nothing on this menu that jumps out, expecially given their global quest for unique food and chefs.

          The tapas look o.k., but for $17, the meatball better be life changing!

          1. i found it really fascinating actually. Although, its really not about the food of the restuarant, its about the business of opening one.

            either way, great PR for the restaurant, no?