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Oct 30, 2006 03:23 AM

Good homestyle pizza?

I've had mixed results lately with regards to quality pizza in Philadelphia...I need a fix...any suggestions?

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  1. Celebres and Marras in South Philly. People rave about Tacconellis in Port Richmond but you need to reserve your dough 24 hours ahead. A little ridiculous.

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    1. re: tilemaker

      I grew up on Marra's and Celebre. Marra's traditional and margherita are great (their mussels are killer too) and at Celebre, you've got to get the pizzazz (American cheese and hot peppers.) Sounds weird, I know. Just trust me.

    2. what's homestyle?

      i am absolutely in LOVE with rustica on 2nd st in northern liberties - a pie with fresh moz & capers is to die for. ;)

      have not been to tacconelli's yet but everyone keeps raving about it. next time i have a group...

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      1. re: rabidog

        you're right. I forgot about rustica. The asparagus and the brussel sprout pizza is good and unique

      2. OK - I haven't been there in several years but Mama Palma's on Spruce used to be excellent. We used to go all of the time, and it was always packed and pizza was fabulous. I've read on Chowhound that people have had bad service there, but I never have experienced that. It is a great neighborhood pizza restaurant, and the chef/owner always used to stop by our table - and we are no one special.