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Oct 30, 2006 02:41 AM

scotch bonnet peppers-nyc

Does anyone know where i can get fresh scotch bonnet peppers in nyc?

Learning how to make authentic jerk....and before i use the concentrated walkerswood i thought i would use the fresh....

any thoughts?


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  1. Real Scotch Bonnets have ironically gotten scarcer as habaneros have become the main, mainstream ueber-hot chile - I haven't seen them in Manhattan - I don't know the West Indian neighborhood(s) in Brooklyn, so can't help you there..

    Habaneros are close enough unless you're looking for ultra-authenticity, and are pretty widely available these days. Fairway, Garden of Eden, Amish, probably Whole Foods, and any other grocery having "gourmet" pretensions. Even a lot of miscellaneous corner groceries have them these days.

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      wondering, do you think there is a serious difference between the tast of the habenero and scotch bonnet? they are the same chile species, look alike and both have the characteristic intense fruity smoky flavor, in addition to their heat. Id have no hesitation buying them interchangeably for a jerk recipe. Any supermarket in a neighborhood catering to west indians or latinos is likely to sell one or the other. they ARE variable though - I got a batch of scotch bonnets in my local Pros Hts supermarket last year with very little flavor.

    2. i saw them recently at the manhattan fruit exchange in chelsea market

      1. Any vegetable stand in a Caribbean neighborhood will have them.

        1. c- town on 12 and c and Garden of eden. (call first)

          1. Whole Foods. At least it was sold there earlier this year when I picked some up.