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Filomena's or Francesca's Room? any reccomendations for either?

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we're taking friends out for dinner saturday night, and a local italian restaurant in south jersey is needed. i've been to filomena's once before but the meal doesn't stand out in my memory. anyone been to either or have a suggestion for an alternative? thanks in advance.

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  1. I'll give Francesca's Room a nod - we go there about once a month. Nice little room - good food for good price. I usually get the House Sauce over capellini - pretty darn good.

    1. Filomenas has good food,the new one in deptford is more fine dining if you want a nicer ambiance! I havent tried Francescos room-but do recommend Tre familigia's chicken/veal parm and seafood selections! Heres a link for more info, let us know how you make out ;-) http://www.byobguide.com/restaurant.p...