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Red Wine under $10

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Any suggestions on good buys of red wine in Los Angeles under $10?
I'm looking to buy at a wine shop or market, not resteraunt

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  1. There is a great Italian red at Monsieur Marcel (Farmer's Market/ 3rd & Fairfax) called NERO D'AVOLA for $9.99. It is nice and full-bodied.

    Also good are malbecs from Argentina. You can often find them at Whole Foods for under $10.

    1. Coppola Rosso is a great red wine. You can find it at Trader Joe's for about $8.99 - I've brought it to several dinner parties and people really like it.

      Give it a try... you won't be disappointed.

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        I haven't tried that one but there are lots of great wines under $10.00 at Trader Joe's. Also, there is "two-buck-Chuck" which is okay for the price.

      2. Silverlake Wines has the best selection for value wines, IMHO.

        1. Any good shop should have a slew of value wines under $10, and any salesperson worth their salt (or juice) can direct you to some you'll like based on what kind of wine you're looking for. Go on in and ask. If you hear something like "$20 is the new $10" - run away, run away...

          I've recently been buying Falesco Vitiano (Italian merlot/cab/sangiovese blend) and Pillar Box Red (an Aussie cab/shiraz/merlot blend) at the LA Wine Company in the Marina, which is always a great source for buying just about anything. These were both under $8, and really delicious. I also picked up a Spanish grenache (or garnacha, if you like) there for under $5 that was surprisingly good.

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            i friggin love pillar box red. have you also seen another aussie red blend (grenache/syrah i believe) called "Bitch"? funny name aside, it drank incredibly well.

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              Both wines are excellent, and come from the same folks. They also distribute the Marquis Phillips wines (shiraz & shiraz blends are best), which are excellent buys at about $14/bottle.

          2. Wine of the month club in Monrovia has hundreds of good red wines for under $10. They are located at Primrose and Olive. You can call them at (626) 303-6041. You can pick up at their office or they will also ship to you.

            1. World Market always tends to have decent prices on wine. I'm a big fan of Blackstone Merlot, and last week they had it for 6.99. Its a pretty good cheap selection.

              1. Jacob's Creek 2003 Shiraz Reserve $10 at Ralphs. Really tasty!

                1. We quite enjoy the Yellowtail Shiraz, or the Shiraz/Cab blend if drinking w/o food. Can get it at Trader joes for 5$.

                  1. As others have noted, there are lots of great wines to be had under $10, in fact I've noticed several stores that have opened up recently that off 'lower' priced wines... Here's one in Long Beach that is VERY nice... :)



                    1. TJ's has a nice selection Chilean and Argentinian reds for $3.99 right now. I bought four different ones last week and they were all very good. There are also many very good Austrailian reds at well under $10.00.

                      1. Discount wines/good selection/knowledgable staff:
                        TopLine Wines & Spirits in Glendale.
                        4718 San Fernando Road
                        Glendale, CA 91204-1825


                        Chronicle Wine Cellar
                        913 East California Blvd., Pasadena

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                          I second the recommendation for Topline - really great prices and their wines are chosen thoughtfully. great selection of bargains.

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                            I like Topline, but I love Chronicle Wine Cellar. Excellent value with Spanish reds.

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                              i second judge dee ruling on this matter. and i like silver lake wine and colorado wine co. in eagle rock too. the guys and gal at the CHRON are great; just ask them to put a case together for you under $10. you'd actually do better under $12. you can also take any wines bought there and open them at PIE n' BURGER. we usually end up sharing our wine with other longing customers.

                          2. I've seen two Italians under ten bucks recently, Monte Antico as well as Banfi Centine - at grocery stores

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                              Monte Antico is a nice value find. A bit of heat but some decantering will solve that fast..

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                                I tried the Monte Antico 2 weeks ago, really liked it!

                            2. OK, bear with me. Join Ralph's Club (easy). Then buy 6 bottles (10% discount). If you average out bottles of Louis Jadot Beaujolais (say 4, when on special as it frequently is for $6.99) and Renwood Zinfandel (say 2), you'll be under the $10. Then, once (over time) you've bought some obscene amount (I think $250), your receipt will advise that as a member of the Wine Club you get one $10 bottle for free. That free bottle, whatever it is, will be the best $10 or under bottle you ever had. Also, you've only got like 30 days to get the free bottle. If you don't do it by then, bye bye. BUT, when you buy the 6 bottles AND when you go for the free bottle, you have to put those bottles at the very head of your order. Otherwise, due to Ralph's crappy software, the checker has to decide to do the work to separate out your order, do 2 orders, etc., or screw you. Don't get screwed. Put the wine first. There's also the issue of the cardboard case they charge you $.25 for (refundable).

                              1. please folks. go to smaller independent shops for wine not to TJs or Ralphs. Just because a store isn't a chain doesn't mean that you'll be fleeced. Silverlake Wine is a little expensive but you will find MUCH MORE INTERESTING $10 bottles there than most places. Larchmont Wine and Cheese has an excellent selection of Spanish, French, California and Australian wines, some well under $10. Try Finca Luzon, Luzon for seven or eight bucks; Luzon Verde for about the same; Bodegas Borsao for six bucks, and Protocolo white and red for six each. Cristalino Brut Cava (Sparkling) is only eight dollars. All available at Larchmont. Just tell the wine buyer your budget and what you're interested in (don't be shy -- wine geeks love to point out bargains and love to be engaged) and you will get something much better than Yellowtail. I promise.

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                                  Totally agree - Ralphs and TJs have to be able to stock all stores with basically the same selection, and thus only have product from large, often bulk, producers - not the lesser known or smaller producers that an independent can carry.
                                  I personally have not liked anything at TJs, other than some of those at well over $10, which I do not buy there as they are more expensive there than elsewhere, just like their vodka prices.
                                  Keep in mind that at Silver Lake Wines, their posted price on the bottle includes sales tax, and thus to fairly compare prices, deduct the sales tax from the price posted.

                                2. go to Wine Expo on Santa Monica blvd, just a couple blocks west of Centinela!
                                  they've got tons! they're very knowledgable about their wines.

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                                    I really want to give props to the Wine Expo, but over the years I've found that unless you're a big spender dropping $100+ on a rare bottle or buying cases, Roberto and staff seem to be indifferent--however not rude or haughty--to people seeking budget wines.

                                    LAWC on McConnell at the border of Culver City and Marina Del Rey seem to have some of the lowest prices on popular hot labels, but their staff is the least informed with many bottles tasted soley by their buyer. Also try Wine House on Cotner in West LA. There's almost always someone on premises who's tasted a particular bottle.

                                    btw-my 2 picks are 05 Bodegas Nekeas Vega Sindoa El Chaparral and 05 Georges Duboeuf Jean Descombes Morgon. Both classy wines with extra depth & darker undertones that belie their price tags.

                                    1. re: zinFAN

                                      About Wine Expo.....I went for the first time just before Thanksgiving. I am not a big spender, just a nondescript middle-aged woman looking for good wine around $15- I can't say enough good things about my Wine Expo visit, and the great wines I wound up with. I detest wine stores where you can't take your own time to look at the selection without asking repeatedly if you need help,in a way that implies you NEED their help. At Wine Expo I was greeted at the door , and then allowed to wander happily, taking the time to read their amusing AND informative signage. After I had looked around, I asked about a rosato that had been written up in the NY times. They did not have the exact same one, but some similar, and asked what I would be serving it with, and what level of fruit, acidity etc I was looking for. The wine they recommended was awesome, perfect with the Thanksgiving dinner.I also asked about a white that I had overheard the salesperson recommending to another customer. He found it for me and explained a bit of its qualities. This also turned out to be delightful. Along with a valpolicello that I chose myself from the many, many tempting reds under $20- another delightful bottle, in all I walked out the door spending about $40- for 3 very satisfiying wines. I only hope that I can get back before they are out of the wines I tried, but if they are I will happily try something new!!
                                      After buying too many $10- ish a bottle wines at TJs that are so nasty I won't even cook with them, I am happy to find a local shop that really does have great, inexpensive wine.

                                  2. try the colorado wine co in eagle rock. they typically have some good stuff.

                                    and come on, TJs actually has some good values. the lambrusco is a nice, easy cheap wine for quaffing, and the ct st michele rielsling is nice too (although not red) both 6 bucks or under.

                                    1. Mission Wines in South Pasadena has a $10 and under shelf of red wines.

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                                        i think chris meeske is frickin' brilliant.

                                      2. Well, Costco has enough red wines around the $10 threshold to warrant a look-see that are quite well thought of, relative to that price point. Don't make a special trip, but if you are in the store for other reasons, take a look.
                                        Of course they also have plenty of other wines that are MUCH more expensive, yet also very good.

                                        1. Columbia Crest Shiraz is consistently good. Also Rosenblum lower end Zinfandels, Bogle Petite Syrah, and Codice (Spanish blend) are good choices.

                                          1. Wally's wine house has a great wine for $9.99 called Cycles Gladiatior. I believe it's a syrah. Get some before it's gone.

                                            Don't buy French. Support the US Wine industry. We make great wines!

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                                              It is easier buying French than California wines for quality, especially for under $10 as France has an even bigger glut than California does.

                                              1. re: carter

                                                It is even easier buying Australian rather than French or Californian for quality per price. The consistency is outstanding, and they are leading the pack with low cost unoaked vibrant wines.

                                              2. re: Fresser

                                                Cycles Gladiator is the second label for Hahn. It comes in Cab and Merlot. I like them both. Wallys on second hand I dont..

                                              3. Some of those so called French bargains are simply undrinkable. I agree with Fresser and will spend my dollars on grapes grown in the good old USA (and occasionally Germany, Australia, Spain, and Italy).

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                                                  And you're going to tell me that California can outdo the French in that category - have tried so many of them and still cannot find any I like. Southern France, Languedoc, Provence, southern Rhone, etc. are areas where their bargains are from.

                                                2. coppola rosso is a nice simple red under $10.

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                                                    I know this is an old thread...but the Coppola Rosso was sold by Publix 2 months ago for $6.60 per bottle...NOW it's $10.99! I did enjoy it very much!

                                                  2. And when was the USA limited to California ?? I can recall many lush bottles of white and red (Syrahs, Zinfandels, Grigios, and so on) from California and Washington, and Oregon as well as some well made Rieslings from New York many under $10. With the exception of a few Liracs, you can have the rest France has to offer under $20.

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                                                    1. re: TonyO

                                                      Zin is a favorite California red, and everything I have tried under $10 is garbage - meaning green, thin, and might not stand the night on a vacuvin.
                                                      And as to anything at TJs under $10, forget it.
                                                      I mostly drink red, btw.

                                                      1. re: carter

                                                        Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot is pretty great. It is selling for ~ $7 at a slew of places around town, including LA Wine Co. I bought a bunch - you should try it. Even if it is F'ing Merlot - a balanced, fleshy Merlot can be a really good thing.

                                                        Most of the zins I favor are north of $20, unfortunately. You might find some great Primitivo, though, at $10 or less. Most would probably be a bit more rustic than your benchmark CA zin. I don't think you'll find many of them thin.

                                                        1. re: CulverJack

                                                          I agree with your thoughts on Zins and the price points to find a good one - my sentiments exactly.
                                                          The reason I like southern French from the regions previously mentioned is that selectively they have some depth and are generally very food-friendly.
                                                          As to merlot, I generally do not like it as it is just so plain, but will take the rec regarding CC's grand estate.

                                                    2. I'll agree that most Zins are climbing but Segehsio Sonoma can be had at around $15 and it is a winner. Bogle Petite Syrah is usually pretty good and I have had Columbia Crest Shiraz that ranged from decent to excellent at $6.50. Additionally, Sacred Stone makes a Syrah, Grenache, Carnignan, Sangiovese, Zinfandel blend for around $10 and I would recommend Hook and Ladder "The Tillerman" a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc and Sangiovese for around $14. I guess I'm just turned off by French wines that taste like musty watered down grapes.

                                                      1. Lots of good aussie shiraz under $10

                                                        1. I really like "Smoking Loon" merlot. Yes, merlot. I rarely buy californian wines anymore, the bang per buck is way toooo low and for some godawful reason the Ca producers can't seem to realize that oaked wines went out with the Michael Jackson single glove wearing schtick! Anyway, the Smoking Loon is really tasty... it, like Alice White Shiraz (another low cost winner), has a bold fruity presence with distinct, unique notes to intrigue you. Usually on sale at some godforsaken megamart for ~$7-8. Nothing crazy and boutique like some of the other tasty goodies I see mentioned above, but it is consistently fresh and tasty and widely availible.

                                                          1. The Loon makes a decent viognier also as does McManis at around $10

                                                            1. Yeah, yeah, all these wine stores are great -- but I don't have time to hit our local wine merchant every week, so here are some good stand-bys from the grocery store:

                                                              At Pavilions (with club card): Menage a Trois by Folie a Deux, a nice zin/merlot/cab blend by a Napa Valley winery. It costs $8 with your club card all month.

                                                              Any grocery store will carry Ravenwood's bottom-line "California" zin. It's a good zin (and I'm a Ravenswood club member so I drink ALL their zins) and dependable for the price: also $8.

                                                              Chilean carmeneres are almost always under $10, but they are hit and miss. We were in love with the carmeneres marketed by Calina (an arm of Kendall-Jackson) in TJs a couple of years ago, but they seem to have disappeared. A shame. At $6, they knocked our socks off!

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                                                              1. re: Reeter1

                                                                Am trying Calina Carmenere 2006 tonight...my first time for a carmenere! Bought it for $10.99 at local wine shop.

                                                              2. I am a currently fan of the follow "budget" wines:

                                                                Gnarly Head - Zin - $9 (My current favorite)
                                                                Bogle - Zin - $8
                                                                Pepperwood - Pinot - $5-8 (Only the Pinot)
                                                                Smoking Loon - Pinot - $7-8

                                                                ...just some ones that taste good to me...

                                                                1. Wine of the Week
                                                                  2003 Trellis Merlot at Trader Joes -$3.99
                                                                  As good as anything at twice the price!

                                                                  1. Pagor Tempranillo at Greenblatt's. It's $9.99. They sell it by the glass in the deli, if you want to try it.

                                                                    1. Trader Joes', if they still have any, has a fabulous steal at $5.99 a bottle called Three Knights Cabernet out of the Knights Valley in Sonoma. At the price and if you open it 30 minutes or possibly decant it before you drink it you will find that it has some complexity. I wonder who had an overrun of grape juice that they sold off.

                                                                      1. I enjoy Columbia Crest Grand Estates cab. It's about 8 bucks. I also like Castle Rock Pinot for about 10.00. The Copolla Claret is great. That one's about 14 dollars.

                                                                        1. Quattro Mani Montepulciano from Silverlake Wine! It's eight bucks a bottle and MAD delicious.

                                                                          Also check out the Lambrusco selection at K & L Wine on Vine...or their entire selection period.

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                                                                          1. re: therealbigtasty

                                                                            K&L has a great selection at nearly all the price points I can afford.

                                                                            It isn't red but recently, I bought a litre of Gruner Veltliner (sorry that I can't recall the name) at Mel & Rose for around $12 bucks. When I took it to a soiree, later that evening, it was a huge hit. I am pretty sure K&L had the same bottle at the same price.

                                                                            1. re: bodie

                                                                              I've bought a couple of nice liters of Gruner Veltliner there...all for ten bucks!

                                                                              Tasty, too.

                                                                          2. I am not a super connoisseur of wine - just know what I like, heh-heh! I have always been happy with Trader Joe's selections and have gotten some good tips from the store manager (?). Eagle Rock location. Also, have found some differences in what is available at the different Trader Joe's. Some of the smaller shops seem to give attitude when you only want one or two bottles of wine and don't want to spend a lot. Trader Joe's could care less if you buy one bottle or 10 cases.

                                                                            Topline is my go-to place when I want to be sure to get something impressive. Many wines under or about $10.00.

                                                                            So glad I read this thread - got so many good tips for wine!!! Thanks, everyone!

                                                                            1. under $10:

                                                                              05' mcmanis cab $8.99 (calif)
                                                                              05' mcmanis petite sirah $8.99 (calif)
                                                                              04' castle rock cab $6.99 (calif)
                                                                              04' castano hecula $6.99 (chile)
                                                                              04' e. guigal dotes du rhone $9.99 (rhone)
                                                                              04' falesco vitiano rooso $7.99 (italy)
                                                                              04' avalon cab $9.95 (calif)
                                                                              04' castano solanera $8.99 (chile)

                                                                              little over $10 but woth trying:

                                                                              05' hahn estate meritage $11.99 (calif)
                                                                              04' edge cab $15.99 (calif)
                                                                              04' 1975 wine co cag $15.99 (calif)
                                                                              05' marquis philips cab or shiraz $13.99 (austr)

                                                                              1. Rancho Zabaco "Dancing Bull" Zinfandel - I believe they're actually owned by Gallo, but whatever... it's pretty good.

                                                                                I'd suggest checking out Cost Plus - they tend to have slightly better stuff than Trader Joe's, in similar price ranges.

                                                                                1. Quaffing away at an extensive collection of fine selections from 99 cents only, bought so much of some faves that they're now beginning to decline. Time to drink up fast, a few examples:

                                                                                  Villa Helena 1999 Viognier Napa Valley, Estate Bottled & Numbered -- complex fruit with mid-summer flavors and aromas, pairs well with grilled firm-fleshed fish such as sword or halibut, fruit medleys & sharp aged cheeses

                                                                                  Warburn 2001 Cab-Merlot, Riverina Estates SE Australia -- pleasant big red with berry overtones and satiny finish, excellent with thick char-broiled steaks and red sauce pastas

                                                                                  Talomas 2002 Chard-Viognier, Central coast, Mondavi & Rosemount Estates -- Mellow fruit flavors and pleasant apple peach overtones, pair with soft French cheeses such as Camembert or St Andre, sauteed fish such as turbot or Petrale sole and white sauce seafood pastas

                                                                                  1. WALLY'S WINE ON WESTWOOD BLVD.

                                                                                    2005 Pasodoble
                                                                                    Regular Price: $11.99
                                                                                    Sale Price: $9.99

                                                                                    We just ran across this post from Robert Parker from Mark Squire’s Bulletin Board at Wine Advocate.com and wanted to share his praise:

                                                                                    2005 Pasodoble (Argentina)… 100,000 bottles made by the Garcin family (French owners of Pomerol's Clos L'Eglise, St.Emilion's Baute Haut, and Pessac-Leognan's Haut-Bergey and garagiste property-Branon)…an equal part blend of Malbec, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, totally tank fermented and aged, this is a deliciously dark-fruited wine (blackberries and currants), has silky tannin, medium body, and plenty of personality… just being released and expected to retail for $10-12....as the French would say..."un vin de plaisir"

                                                                                    1. 2005 Aquinas Napa Valley Merlot $9.99 at Vons but not all carry it other shops have it as well. We tasted this among 20 wines in a Double Blind Tastings and it was the Value Winner!