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Oct 30, 2006 01:55 AM

Red Wine under $10

Any suggestions on good buys of red wine in Los Angeles under $10?
I'm looking to buy at a wine shop or market, not resteraunt

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  1. There is a great Italian red at Monsieur Marcel (Farmer's Market/ 3rd & Fairfax) called NERO D'AVOLA for $9.99. It is nice and full-bodied.

    Also good are malbecs from Argentina. You can often find them at Whole Foods for under $10.

    1. Coppola Rosso is a great red wine. You can find it at Trader Joe's for about $8.99 - I've brought it to several dinner parties and people really like it.

      Give it a try... you won't be disappointed.

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        I haven't tried that one but there are lots of great wines under $10.00 at Trader Joe's. Also, there is "two-buck-Chuck" which is okay for the price.

      2. Silverlake Wines has the best selection for value wines, IMHO.

        1. Any good shop should have a slew of value wines under $10, and any salesperson worth their salt (or juice) can direct you to some you'll like based on what kind of wine you're looking for. Go on in and ask. If you hear something like "$20 is the new $10" - run away, run away...

          I've recently been buying Falesco Vitiano (Italian merlot/cab/sangiovese blend) and Pillar Box Red (an Aussie cab/shiraz/merlot blend) at the LA Wine Company in the Marina, which is always a great source for buying just about anything. These were both under $8, and really delicious. I also picked up a Spanish grenache (or garnacha, if you like) there for under $5 that was surprisingly good.

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            i friggin love pillar box red. have you also seen another aussie red blend (grenache/syrah i believe) called "Bitch"? funny name aside, it drank incredibly well.

            1. re: jaydee

              Both wines are excellent, and come from the same folks. They also distribute the Marquis Phillips wines (shiraz & shiraz blends are best), which are excellent buys at about $14/bottle.

          2. Wine of the month club in Monrovia has hundreds of good red wines for under $10. They are located at Primrose and Olive. You can call them at (626) 303-6041. You can pick up at their office or they will also ship to you.