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Oct 30, 2006 01:42 AM

European Union (E.U.) - Report

Went for a sunday dinner with my parents - had just re-opened on the previous Friday. I have to say up front however, I had been to the E.U. in April during the liquor license controversy (smuggled in wine), and had a good experience. I have had high hopes for this place for several months as I live in the area.

Well, the grand re-opening of E.U. seems to have been a success. We had a great night. First of all, the space is great...kinda of Assenzio meets Balthazar meets Schillers (I think you'd have to go check it out to understand what that means).

Wine list was not available yet - only the bottles offered "by the glass". However we found a great bottle of Greek wine that, for $44 in a restaurant, was a great deal.

As for the food, I had the Deviled Eggs tapas for an app which was just okay. Others in the party had Pickled Herring (good, albeit served to a herring lover) and the Romaine salad (rave reviews).

There were definitely issues with the timing. We waited a full 30 minutes for appetizers. The restaurant was not very crowded, so we really wondered what was going on in the kitchen as they definitely were not cooking for many others. However given the recent opening, we gave them a free pass. We were all in a good mood anyway.

Entrees were short of spectacular, but excellent nonetheless. I ordered the lamb "casoullet" which was really very good. Others ordered a Wild Mushroom/pasta dish (described as excellent) and the steak (also very good). Sides: Boiled Potatoes w/dill and horseradish (possibly the best of the night - great), pumpkin squash (awesome), and pomme frites (french fries, nothing to see here).

Chocolate cake w/absinthe, cheese plate for desert which were both very very good.

All in all, we had a really great dinner and walked out feeling like there was significant value given the quality. Waitstaff was friendly and attentive. And very cool space - I think that alone is worth the trip. Thumbs up, a great addition to the NYC roster, and definitely will return.

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  1. "I had been to the E.U. in April during the liquor license controversy ...and had a good experience. I have had high hopes for this place for several months as I live in the area."

    All me too, and I went on the first night of the re-opening. I will give the service a break, in the circumstances. Food, not at all bad. Fish & Chips was a mix of hake, skate, shrimp and squid - it was good. The "cassoulet" is really some lamb chops and sausage with a little bean garnish. The skate itself was a big piece, well-cooked.

    Yes, much promise, and a full dinner with plenty of wine about $50 pp before tip.

    1. Having missed the first opening, I was very excited to go to E.U. last night. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the meal. No complaints on service, other than I thought wait staff were hovering around every corner.

      We ordered the oysters, which were delicious. For entrees my husband had the chicken which was the special of the evening - his dish was very nice, especially the crispy skin on the chicken. I had the lamb "casoullet" which I was disappointed in. The lamb was overcooked and the rest was so salty I had to chug glass after glass of water.

      I will go back, but would like to give this restaurant some time before doing so.

      1. I went with some friends this weekend for dessert only and I have to say...we had an incredible time. We were treated extremely well when we walked in by everyone we encountered, seated in a lovely booth in a corner, and served one fabulous dessert after another.

        We had nearly everything on the menu. The chocolate absinthe cake should not be missed. We also loved the canelle(sp?) du Bordeaux with chamomile cream, the linzor filled doughnuts, the goat's milk cheesecake served on a fennel cookie and the hot chocolate. Never had any of us tasted anything like it. It was so rich and flavorful that we normally fairly civilized people were fighting over every morsel and sip. Deeeeeelicious.

        I'm afraid of what we might have done, had we been able to get in for dinner.

        1. I agree - as a local who lives almost right around the corner, I have followed their saga with interest and, frankly, didn't expect much. I have been consistently impressed with almost everything on the menu (the serrano ham sandwich with the fig butter was too buttered the second time I had it), and especially the desserts and the thoughtfully chosen, reasonably priced wine list. The place is, IMO, everything Spotted Pig should be and isn't. I wish these guys the best - and I've already been back twice!

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