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Oct 30, 2006 01:25 AM

Best Sushi in Jacksonville?

For sushi in Jacksonville, we go to Sushi Cafe in Riverside, though we've been hearing good things about Wasabi on Southside. Any other favorites?

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  1. Haven't been to Wasabi. Sushi Cafe is our default choice as well. Wish I could be more helpful, but it's the best I've had in Jax - if you find another winner, let us know. Sushi Cafe is close to where I work and not that far from where we live, so it's likely to stay our default Sushi hangout. The edamame are terrific, too - service is consistently great - what's not to like.

    BTW, the new Thai place at Edgewood & 17 in Murray Hill is quite good - the name is Aurathai. The youngster running it is the son of the folks who've been running Taste of Thai over in Southside (University Blvd. between Memorial Hospital and I-95.) He's trying to get a white tablecloth Thai restaurant going - the food and service was quite good (service started out shaky, but has gotten much better in later visits), but the wine list didn't necessarily represent what was actually available. A pretty place, and finally some good thai in this part of town.

    I could gripe about really wanting a less pricey joint, but the food is really good - I've been tired of having to cross the river or go to Orange Park (Thai Garden) for decent Thai.

    1. Sushi Cafe is close to us, too, and we have nothing but good things to say about it: the fish is always fresh, and, yes, the edamame are great too (even our five year old loves them).

      Thanks for the Aurathai recommendation: we haven't tried it, but will. We normally go to Taste of Thai, so we'll stay with the family.

      We also just found a hole-in-the-wall place that's good and cheap for take-out Thai if you're coming west on University past St. Augustine Rd.: Shiang Yuan ("Authentic Chinese and Thai Restaurant" "under new management") in the shopping center near the old Albertson's. The Penang curry was good and the take-out portion was huge.

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        Aurathai closed recently, unfortunately, and I was at Taste of Thai this month. It was DELICIOUS, as usual, and we were the only diners there. So get out to Taste of Thai and support it, if you can. The homemade coconut ice cream is amazing, and I love the green curry with the little Asian eggplants. I have tried Thai all over the US and this is the best Thai I've had.

      2. I appreciate the Shiang Yuan recommendation. That's not my neighborhood, but I have friends in the area - I'll pass on the tip.

        In that area of town, I'm a fan of Mojo's BBQ. Todd does really good work w/ NC style BBQ as well as some nice brisket, turkey, chicken, and a whole range of sauces - the sides are pretty good (the mashed spuds are murder), and he offers range. He's a Carolina boy, and NC expats can find white or red slaw, Cheerwine in the bottle, and a variety of sauces available on the table - a standard mustard-base for locals, two red sauces, a hot sauce, carolina soak, etc. etc. - all kept in a Cheerwine six-pack carton sitting in the table. Always incredibly busy for lunch - we always get there early to beat the rush.

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          going down there in a month to visit with my NC boy, can't wait to try mojo's bbq!

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            I know this is OT but you have to try Mojo Blues Kitchen on Beach Blvd at the beaches. They have some of the same items from the BBQ and offer and extened menu as well as a bar. It is right near Angies Subs. I have friends that have recently tried it and said that it is outstanding. We are going this weekend.

          2. Must try this place

            1550 University Blvd West, Jacksonville, FL, 32217

            Other two places I recommend is Koja Sushi on Baymeadows (behind winn-dixie, southside blvd) and Sam Won Garden Restaurant sushi bar. Both are Korean restarants but their sushi menu is pretty decent.

            1. We have been to most of the sushi places in Jax and we have found that Tokyo sushi at 7749 Normandy is by far the best. The quality of the food and the sushi chef (pure artist) is the best we have ever had.

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                I don't know which is the best but I know one thing--Fujisushi is NOT the best.