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Oct 30, 2006 01:23 AM

Barcelona: Agut, Neichel, Casa Calvet, El Racó de Can Fabes?


I've got sat and sun night in Barcelona as part of my honeymoon and was wondering if anyone had experience at any of the aforementioned restaurants. What am I looking for? What we're ALL looking for: genuine atmosphere, incredible food, not touristy, not corporate, not a mob scene, good service....

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  1. El Raco con Fabes is wonderful, but a very long way from Barcelona if you're only there for 2 nights. Definitly do Cal Pep - it's fun & you'll both get into it, which is what a honeymoon is all about.

    1. I second the El Raco can Fabes recommendation - we had a very memorable meal there a year or so ago, but it may be a bit too far - especially if you want to have a drink.

      We had the set menu they serve in the kitchen room - you're not actually in the kitchen, but you are right next to it and can watch the man at work. We went for the option of having their house wine included with our meal, and they were very generous. The red (and maybe the white too) comes from their own vinyard, and was gorgeous.

      1. Cal Pep is closed Sunday (as are most restaurants in Barcelona), and if you want to sit at the bar (which has the most atmosphere) it doesn't take reservations, so you may have a long wait. While Can Fabes is certainly a 'destination' - we found it too 'french' in style; doesn't seem to catch the Catalan spirit - too formal. And if you take the train, then you pretty much have to do lunch if you're staying in Barcelona.