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Oct 30, 2006 12:35 AM

Best restaurant in the Upper West Side

Foodie friend is coming into town and I need a moderately priced to expensive restaurant. Recommendations?

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  1. Telepan hands down. 4 course prix fixe is $55 pp. I've been twice and not everyone at the table needs to do it so you can add in a la cartes. I went with one friend and we did one and ordered 2 more apps. I went another time with 2 friends and we ordered 1 prixe fixe and 5 apps to share. Both times everyone really enjoyed the meal and we felt quite full.

    1. Telepan is, indeed, excellent

      Ouest is also excellent.

      1. Moderately priced: Telepan
        Expensive: Picholine

        both are fantastic. If you go to Picholine go on the later side to avoid the pre-theater rush.

        1. Another vote for Telepan.

          1. Telepan for certain - after that nothing - the UWS is unfortunately a vast gastronomical wasteland.