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Oct 29, 2006 11:26 PM

Lizzard's Thicket, SC - Elmwood

Three times (in a row) I've gone to the location on Elmwood and stopped in a desperate attempt to avoid McD an Bojangles, etc. but HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING! And I mean desperate as in trying to be selective but have serious time issues (drive through). This is it. You will go directly to food jail, no passing go, no collecting anything but greasy horrid food. And be glad if they forgot your utensils (which the might), it may save you. If you pass through Columbia, you may go by this location (others have not been like this one). Keep going. Try to get to No Name Deli about a mile down the road on the right on the corner of Elmwood and Marion (lunch only?). Parking is a crapshoot but the food is good. Geez, if someone would open a decent restaurant near the Palmetto-Richland hospital they'd make a fortune. Ellen, do you hear me?

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  1. I hear ya! Have to admit though, I frequent that Liz location fairly often. It's close to home base and - oh dear! - I have a dark fondness for greasy food.

    You can always opt for their salad with chicken. Also, their soups are not bad.

    The No Name is fabulous but open only weekdays at lunch. (Almost certain.) If you have issues with claustrophobia it's not the place for you. Always elbow-to-elbow. But the food is wonderful. I like their tea selections, and the fresh mint leaves they provide.

    You do know there's a restaurant in the old Sandy's location near the hospital. But I haven't tried it. The name puts me off - BJ's Deli. Arrgh.

    Still hoping that little vegetarian place on Main will open up.

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      I didn't know that as I come in from the other side, but I remember the Sandy's from a hundred years ago. If my meetings over that way tomorrow AM run long , I'll brave BJ's and post.

      1. re: Ellen of SC

        Got out of the meeting too early for lunch, but I did peek in the windows of BJ's Cafe beforehand. Sign out front said grilled pork chop lunch special $3.99. I think it's worth a try if I'm over there around lunchtime.

      2. I've found a couple of the Lizard's Thickets to be hit-or-miss. I think the one on Beltline near Midlands Tech is not all that great either. I usually go to the one across the river on knox abbott or the new one out on 76/378 going toward Sumter to be my favorites.

        I love No Name too. I wish they would do something about parking. I don't really mind the crowds, but it sucks not being able to find a parking spot.

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          The chiropractor next door to No Name moved and that office is for lease so maybe the parking is avail. Trick is to go early or late.

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            Or you could park in that weird little parking area on the corner of Wallace and Elmwood - I never see anyone parked there (across from the church)

        2. The original comment has been removed