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Oct 29, 2006 11:14 PM

Review---Cooks Illustrated Pot Roast

I just finished making the Cook's Illustrated pot roast. It gave a method for braising. It was AMAZING!!!!!!

I am a good cook and can cook just about anything but pot roast has been the thorn in my side. It's a joke around here because everyone else I know who cannot cook can even cook a roast.

I feel like I just climbed a mountain. Not only was it good but my DH ate about 1 1/2 lbs of meat himself!

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  1. Tell us more! Also, what cut of meat did you use?

    1. I must have missed that issue of CI. Can you give some more details?

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        The CI issue is one of those they send out to get you to subscribe again. There is no month on it. It is red with pears on the cover. It also features pan-roasted chix breasts, rating skillets, and four cheese pasta.

        The article I read was called Perfect Pot Roast. I used the top blade roast that they recommended. I did not have string so I did not tie it and I also did not have the quarter cup of red wine that they suggesst adding at the end. I browned the roast 3 minutes on each side and then followed the instructions to a T. The 3 pound roast ended up being in the 300 degree oven for about 3.5 hours after doing all the prep on the stove. It really was one of the best meals I have prepared.

        I shredded up the leftovers last night and plan to stew them with tomatoes and chilies tomorrow night to put inside tortillas.

      2. I would definitely suggest making it again and adding the wine next time. It makes it taste even better. I cooked this a few weeks back and it was awesome...

        1. I will definitely make this again and try the wine. Thanks for the tip. Glad you enjoyed it too!

          1. How's about posting the recipe or a link to it?

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              The following link has a Perfect Pot Roast Recipe of Cooks Illustrated which may be the OP's recipe: