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Need advice from AZAMI SUSHI fans!

Hi All,

I'll be taking some family out to Azami Sushi (Melrose) for their great sushi very soon. It will be our first time...

The only problem is, we have to go for lunch, not dinner, due to time constraints. Originally I thought we would have Azami's OMAKASE, because I have heard nothing but raves about it, BUT:

A) I don't know if they serve their omakase during lunchtime; and

B) Even if they did, I don't know if I'd be able to handle 11 COURSES in the middle of the day like that.

ANY ADVICE? What would YOU order instead? I have heard particularly good things about their lobster rolls and crab rolls.

Thanks for your tips!!

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  1. From my experience, "omakase" can be adjusted to suit you; this means "chef's choice," but it need not be one fixed menu for all. Since I SO trust the wonderfully skilled chefs at Azami to select for you a special lunch, discuss with them your preferences (likes, dislikes, quantity, price-point (reasonable for that sushi bar might be $35-$40/pp for lunch) and see if they are able to meet you. I really think that they know their fish best -- what they have, what you might like for lunch, etc., so it is a treat for you and a compliment to them to just let them serve you. You will find them very friendly...perhaps you could even call ahead -- not at peak hours -- and discuss your concerns with them.

    Yes, the lobster cut roll is delicious!

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      Liu: Thanks!! That's great that they can adjust to your likes and budget. I always love to give the artists (chefs) some freedom to create.


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        Liquid Sky - Please let me know how flexible they are with you. I'd also love to hear if they do it with a sincere smile -- as I really think they will!


    2. Liquid Sky -- You should definitely call ahead or drop in and talk to the Nikki, one of the chef/owners. I'm sure she'll hook you up; she seems genuinely happy when people want omakase, and she usually has enough help to handle one large party at lunch. Also, I've gotten omakase at lunch the last few times I've been there. Each time, it came out to around $40-50 per person.
      (By the way, your handle is the title of one of my favorite cult sci-fi movies from the 80s.)

      1. I'm pretty sure they'll do omakase for lunch (even for tables, but much preferred to sit @ the bar, so call ahead & reserve.)'

        And if you request a split order (one piece per course), an 11-course will be satisfying w/o overfilling (and you can always ask for more) ~ should be around $40.


        1. Maitake tempura is a must, and any of the carpaccios are great. Their spicy tuna rolls are by far the best I've ever had--the rice is amazing! It's really hard to go wrong with anything they suggest to ya.

          1. Had Omakase there at lunch last week it was fantastic. I actually prefer doing it at lunch since they can get pretty slammed sometimes at dinner.

            1. Liu, I have been going to Azami for over six years, and have through many visits been amazed at what they serve, always something new.

              In regards to them overly enjoying their drinks, the chefs do not drink during working hours, I have heard many customers offer to buy them drinks and they respond. "Thank you so much but but "Alcohol and knives do not mix."

              You will enjoy it, le us know about it.

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                sushisnob - Just your name alone commands respect...thanks for your post!

                Sorry to have misled you. I love Azami and the two wonderful chefs; I have never experienced their drinking.

                I was posting IN RESPONSE to rezpeni's post above mine -- if I understood the reference correctly: "...they can get pretty slammed sometimes..." I am glad for the information you offered about Azami's policy of not mixing alcohol with knives; I so appreciate their attitude of respect for the customer (and for themselves!).

                Azami remains among the top on my sushi list and I will continue to enjoy their amazing fish and their consistent creativity.

              2. Haha by "slammed" of course I mean busy, not drunk! My favorite meals here have been long and leisurely, when there are a few people (or just me!) and you can talk to Nikki about the art of sushi and everything you are trying. Love it!

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                  Hello, rezpeni! Thanks for bringing me up to the 21st Century definition of "slammed." Days-of-yonder, "slammed" meant beyond intoxication.

                  We went to Azami one night just as they were opening, and we were among only a few customers. You are exactly right; we spent a leisurely dinner talking to Nikki about how she learned her trade from her dad who was a fish trader. We also learned a lot about what she was serving and got to talk sushi with her -- a very favorite subject!

                  Thanks for the clarification of my misunderstanding; I would in no way wish to taint the reputation of these two wonderful and extremely skillful sushi chefs at Azami. They maintain a very fine sushi bar with very respectable standards.