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Oct 29, 2006 11:11 PM

Hip to be square pizza

Top squares: DeMarco's, Vinny Vincenz, Adrienne's, Muzzarella, Maffei's, Pizza Truck. Brooklyn: DiFara's and L&B.

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  1. Not a bad list. I'd like to add an honorable mention. Go on a Sunday (afternoon or early evening) and try a square at Royal pizza. When the big Italian owner dude with the gold chains is there, he makes this incredible tasting sauce that tastes like it has meat in it. When I had it recently it was delicious. Almost had a second slice. I'll even say it's on the same level as Dom's sauce (DiFara). Look for that grizzly looking big dude to be there. I think he's the owner.

    Royal Pizza
    592 3rd Avenue (38th-39th Sts.)
    New York, NY 10016
    (212) 685-3619

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      Will do. Thanks. Bleecker Street and Joe's aren't bad either.

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        Yep, I read this and I tried it. It is certainly a solid square slice: decent sauce (but not too exciting), standard crust, regulation cheese. Good NYC street slice that reminds me of my childhood in Queens. But come on...the same level as Dom's? Please! As enjoyable as it was, it wasn't even good enough to be a floormat to the doorway of DiFara's. Sorry. But I still liked the slice.

      2. Check out the grandma slice at Rocco's (7th Ave btw 19th and 20th).

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          Anybody tried Krunch on 2nd ave?

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            Krunch is rather bad.. Poor quality of toppings.. Had a plastic type cheese, the sauce was nothing special..

            I dont know what the chowhound consensus is, but I like a couple of different slices at Sullivan St. Bakery..

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              That is disappointing news about Krunch. It is near where my son lives and had it on a short list of pizza places to try in his area.

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                Kruch..some are almost good, the trick is to arrive when they

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                  The zucchini square has potential, but yes, must be fresh or that cardboard effect comes into play. Actually, their pastas are really cheap and not too bad. At least the sauces are fresh. Large portions for under 10 bucks.

                  I wouldn't travel for this pizza, but if in the neighborhood, try it once.

        2. I think Pinch, Park btwn 28th and 29th, does some very good square pizza

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            Sorry, I have to disagree. That place serves glorified grilled cheese.

          2. Rosa's in Queens(Maspeth)does a great square pie.

            1. The grandma slice at Bella Napoli. Mmmm....

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                  It's on Madison around 31st or so, on the west side of the street with a green awning.

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                    Just had a slice. Terrific Grandma slice, but the regular slice is not very good. Sauce is great, though they charge you 50 cents for an extra cup of it.

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                      They don't charge you once you become a regular!

                      As for the regular slice, 80 percent of the time, it's pizza perfection; the rest of the time, it's a train wreck. This is an extreme consistency puzzle I cannot make sense of - the two slices are so different. (Tip: the subpar slices have a lot of cheese.)