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The "best" in Quebec City

We will be in Quebec City for four days in Nov. Plan to have tea one afternoon at Le Chateau Frontenac as resommended by friends but otherwise we are completely open. As we will be there over the traditional US Thanksgiving holiday we are hoping to find a fabulous place for a late lunch on Thurs. Any suggestions? Also, we understand there are many undiscovered ethnic restaurants that we should search out. We are well traveled and adventurous. Please advise.

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  1. I consider the croissants and coffee at Chez Temporel to be a World's Best.

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        Any time of day, I think. The place is very casual and serves mostly soups, sandwiches, and light meals.

    1. We loved our lunch at Toast - considered it one of our best meals of our three-week trip thru eastern Canada. It is in the lower old town. I think you would need reservations for dinner but we were able to walk in for lunch. Great wine list and interesting food.

      1. You must try Guido le Gourmet, Restauraunt Au Parmesan, and (though it's kitschy with the maidens dressed up in Quebecoise peasant girl outfits), Aux Ancien Canadien---order the Trapper's Delight. Fabulous.

        1. No offense, the golferbitch, but maybe except from Les Anciens Canadiens, the places you mentionned need must be avoided. They are tacky, touristy and not that good.

          Toast!, Largo, Le Café du Clocher penché, Le 48, Laurie Raphaël, brunch at l'Échaudé, croissants at Temporel...those are the places that, in my opinion, are worth visiting and will give a true Quebec City culinary experience to visitors.

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            Many thanks. I feel well on my way to a great culinary experience. I will let you know how it was upon my return. Someone mentioned good Vietmnamese cuisine in Quebec City? Any knowledge of that?

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              Chez Do is quite good; less good in my opinion is Asia (don't know if they're still open)...but Asia is more fusion cuisine whereas Chez Do is more traditionally Vietnamese.

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              No offense taken. I've lived in QC for summers for 38 years and haven't found them tacky yet. Apart from the occasional accordian playing in Parmesan (the wandering musicians are standard Italian kitsch in a lot of restaurants), the food hasn't disappointed me, esp. the desserts (especially the cassata). I'm not sure I'd recommend Cafe' du Clocher Penche to a casual tourist. The rock music/bachata music and under-25 crowd might be offputting to some. Largo is indeed a cute little (pricey)boutique jazz bar/art gallery--I'd recommend it for drinks before or after dinner, not for a meal, if you like jazz. The Saint Armour has also not let me down, by the way, cwmcm54. Le48 has decent burgers and wraps. If you're in the mood for something more stick-to-your-ribs than croissants, I'd recommend Le Cochon Dingue in the petit champlain quarter. Worth the walk. Or, ride the rather rickety but fun Funicular.

            3. Is Guido still open?

              I went to Quebec City last year at the name of the place had changed much to my chagrin. I did not try the new place.

              If I am erring, let me know ASAP so I can go back!, It was such a treat. Classy without being flashy, absolutely fantastic food, and very resonable prices (From 29$ for a 5 course meal!)

              1. Please do not waste your money, or dining time at Saint Amour. So overrated and overpriced! We felt like we were on some kind of hidden camera show.

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                  You too? We went there for our anniversary two years ago. It was awful. The food was so-so, the service worse. It's so funny that you would say you thought you were on a hidden camera show - we said the same thing when we were there!!!!

                2. If you feel like taking a drive to Ste-Foy for something a little 'fun', Flash Cafe is a 50's style diner - fun food 24 hours a day! Also, La Tyroleene does swiss style fondue - which is kind of fun if you are a group... Not Laurie Raphael by any stretch, but tehre you go.

                  Closer to the Chateau (btw, don't eat dinner at the Chateau. $400 later, we were VERY disappointed) is a place called L'Inox - they are a microbrewery but they also have these great hot dogs inside a piece of french baguette. It's one of those things that you do for a snack (share one between two people - they're huge)...

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                    Actually, if going out to Ste-Foy, the restaurant at Le Chateau Bonne Entente is phenomenal!!!
                    I can honestly say, we had 2 amazing meals there, and had a "second dinner" at the bar there after our unfortunate meal at Saint Amour. Fantastic!!
                    Yes, we really couldn't believe out whole St, Amour experience. See my post from this summer...

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                      We were going to go there or the Fenouillere (which was booked up by the time we called). We stuck to fondue for just a fun, casual and relatively inexpensive evening with the Mother in Law! She likes the seafood fondue.... :)

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                        Oh, next time you can, you realy should go. We had the pleasure of meeting the chef and she was as lovely and vibrant as her creations.
                        Everything was so top notch that my husband I expect to make a trip this winter!

                  2. Kawarthagirl...haven't been to Flash Cafe... is it near just where you come off the bridge or closer to the Grand Allee...it sounds awesome.

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                      Try this for the exact address - it's in Ste-Foy, closer to the bridge than to the Grande Allee but I am useless with Quebec City directions: