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Oct 29, 2006 10:56 PM

Wine bars on the Peninsula

I have been unable to find a great wine bar/lounge on the peninsula to go after a good dinner or to get late night snacks and drinks at. Any suggestions?

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  1. Although neither qualifies as a "wine bar" both Zibibbo and Lavanda in downtown Palo Alto might fill your need. Lavanda has an enormous wine list, but as I recall a fairly limited number of wines by the glass. Zibibbo's list is not as extensive, but has more by-the-glass selections and serves flights as well. Both have plenty of "snacks", eg pizzas, small plates, antipasti, etc. There is also a more traditional wine bar across the street from Zibibbo which has limited food options ... I'm blanking on the name.

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      I think you mean Vino Locale. It's in the converted Victorian. I think it's more for serious wine goers but not necessarily a destination at night. No idea on the hours.

    2. I'm blanking on the name, too but it specializes in local vintages and the name reflects that. Hours? Food hours? But limited choice. There is a wine bar in the renovated downtown RWC Saavy Cellars, but the food is poor. Good Saturday night Jazz, though.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. It is so hard to find a place that stays open past 11 pm on the weekend. Good to know the food is poor, but I will have to check out the Jazz on Saturday nights.

        1. Nectar will be opening soon in Burlingame right off of Burlingame Ave.

          1. 750ml in downtown San Mateo is a wine bar that I sometimes frequent. What I like about it is that they have about twenty bottles of wine "on tap" - you buy a card, and go up to the machine and dispense one ounce pours of each wine. Each ounce is 1/10th of the price of a full bottle of that particular wine. They also have a bar section with some other tasting selections that are served by the bartender. It's a nice way to try a bunch of different wines, and a good place for wine newbies to learn about what they like and don't like.