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Oct 29, 2006 10:55 PM

Carefree and northern Scottsdale recommendations

Heading to the Carefree area with four business partners later this week. Looking for evening dining recommendations in the Carefree/northern Scottsdale area. Great food, fun, casual atmosphere is our desire.

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  1. Zinc Bistro in Kierland Commons

    1. In Carefree, at the Spanish Village, you might try Bodega Bistro for excellent tapas and good wine. My personal favorite is a dish of serrano ham, goat cheese and grilled scallions.

      1. Carefree Station , Cartwrights and Tonto Bar and Grill are all wonderful suggestions in the Carefree area.


        1. Perhaps this recommendation is too formal for your needs, but Binkley's in Cave Creek is just next door to Carefree and very well-regarded: