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Oct 29, 2006 10:52 PM

Hell night recs?

Tomorrow will be our 3rd Hell Night at ECG and I'm wondering if folks have any recommendations for new things to try. I see the menu is up here:

However it looks somewhat different than the last 2 years, so maybe there's no basis for recommendations... I wonder if the "Wings of Ass Destruction" is a typo?

We have always been too wimpy to order the pasta from hell.
Maybe the time has come?

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  1. Also gotta wonder about the last cocktail. Listed as "milk" for $10, im guessing thats a joke? But who knows, they have $3.50 celery stix

    1. There's a lot on this menu that's not familiar to me from past Hell Nights. The stuffies are terrific. I think the Pasta from Hell is just crazy, way too hot for sanity's sake. I find just a bite of a fresh habanero (which that dish has six or seven whole ones of) to be literally paralyzing; the last one I had left me speechless and immobile for about five very long minutes.

      I work up from the 1 and 2 chili dishes, topping out between 4 and 5. Plenty hot, but not enough to completely overwhelm other flavors in the dish. I like the cornbread as a palate wiper. Bring your "wimp" friends along as I do: they'll have a good time and a fine meal, too.

      "Wings" is not a typo. I'm guessing the $10 milk alludes to the fact that if it works as an antidote for you, you'll pay anything to get it.

      1. I'm guessing the milk price is a joke and they wouldn't actually charge that much. (or would they??) I did not see the traditional "antidote" listed.

        Definitely get the Pasta from Hell, if you can split it with a couple people. It is insanely hot, but super tasty as well.

        The strip steak has been very good in the past, but this description looks a little different.

        And, yes, that is no typo. They've had those wings before. They're quite good.

        1. my third night also. the quahogs are super excellent. also pork three ways is my favorite hell dish in the last couple years.

          if you haven't eaten hell pasta yet, it's like you went to disneyworld and never went on space mountain.

          man up. or lady up. who can tell on the internet.

          1. oh yeah: the milk price is real, according to a guy i work with who actually ordered it (wow).

            and you don't have to finish hell pasta. but you might as well try it; it is the signature dish, after all.