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Oct 29, 2006 10:49 PM

excellent fresh pasta?

hey everybody,

i'm having a dinner party next saturday, and i'm planning to make lasagna. while i ordinarily would make my own pasta, some other commitments will make that impossible this week. does anyone have a favourite place to pick up high-quality fresh pasta in sheets for lasagna? i can get anywhere serviced by the ttc.


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  1. I always shop at the St Lawrence Market pasta shop. It is upstairs on the west side toward the back. They have lasagna sheets and great ravioli sheets...sometimes I make lasagna out of their ravioli sheets. It is a nice surprise when digging in!

    Closed Sun. and Mon.

    1. Pasta Co on Sheppard just West of the Allen has the best fresh lasagna noodles I've ever they have whole wheat if you like..Miranda

      1. I have tried several fresh pastas in Toronto, and found them all tasteless.
        I prefer the freeze dried from Italy.
        The best by far, in my opinion is:
        Bologna Pastifico
        2895 Dufferin
        Their homemade pasta has some body.
        You can buy their pasta prepared as well.
        Excellent Lasagna, and surprisingly a pretty good gnocci.
        I called in my orders, to make sure it is available fresh.
        They do not take credit cards.
        Having said that, I hope they are still there as I haven't been there for some time.

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          Ditto on Bologna Pastifico - excellent lasagna and pasta sauces. Fresh high-quality ingredients cooked like at home - highly recommended.

        2. You Could try Queens Pasta in Etobicoke, but not knowing where you live, that could be too far a trip for you. They are just off Royal York Rd. below the Queensway, but it might take you longer to get there than to make the pasta your self!!

          1. I shop at, and prefer, the other pasta shop in the St. Lawrence Market. Pasta Mia in the basement at the southeast corner. Nice fresh stuff. If I had a car, mind you, I would definitely try this Bologna Pastifico place. Sounds great.