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Oct 29, 2006 10:24 PM

The best okra in the world at Deva's in Delhi

I had the best okra that I have ever had at Deva's, a restaurant in the H block of Connaught Place in New Delhi.

The okra (called bindi/ladyfingers here) is shredded lengthwide, fried until crisp, and tossed with chat masala and raw onions and tomatoes. It looks like a tangle of crisp green hay, and the texture and taste are beyond description.

The other dishes that I had were not bad either, esp. the small tender eggplants in a coconut and peanut gravy. However, it was the okra that comanded attention, and that is worth a trip from almost anywhere.

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  1. sounds just super! what region is the cooking of Deva from?
    the eggplant dish sounds like its from the south.

    1. coconut and peanuts - maybe konkani.