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Oct 29, 2006 10:18 PM

Thai Patio in Thai Town

This recently opened place replaced Palms Thai in the strip mall at Hollywood and Hobart. They have a $3.99 lunch special - super cheap. I tried it today - I had the pad kra pao with fried tofu. Small serving of nicely spiced pad kra pao - Thai basil, peppers, onions and fried tofu. The plate also included a grab of straight from the bag salad and a dressing of the same caliber, as well as two fried wonton wrappers with a dab of sweet sauce. While both of the sides were forgettable, the pad kra pao was really pretty good - especially for the price.

My only complaint was that, at least for the lunch special, Thai Patio uses anemic rice. No kao hom malee (that fragrant Thai jasmine rice) here. Oh well - for $3.99, this seems like a nice bargain. And hey - it is right next to Bhan Khanom Thai, so dessert is taken care of!

Anybody else dive deeper into the menu at this place yet?

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  1. I had lunch there about a month ago, back then they only took cash. I had my favorite comfort food, Lad Nah Chicken for about $6.00. I did like it because 1) it was served in a shallow bowl and provided good gravy:noodle ratio 2)good garlicky/soya bean flavor 3) veggies were bright green 4) used sliced white meat chicken and 5) noodles had that char flavor (wok hey?) that I really like. After spooning on some chili in vinegar and a few dashes of white pepper, I finished the whole thing. I dined alone so unfortunately that's the only dish I can comment on.

    I make the trek to Thai Town only every couple of months but some things I like to stock up on at Bhan Khanom Thai and Khanom Thai Ram Song :
    1) Sakoo Sai Moo - tapioca balls filled with ground pork/peanut/radish eaten with bird chili,cilantro, and lettuce
    2) Curry Puffs - Bhan's used to taste better before they switched to these gargantuan sized dumplings. Now I get the small ones from Ram Song.
    3) Khanom Sai Sai - toasted coconut ball surrounded by salty coconut cream
    4) Khao Tung - Thai rice cracker flavored with dried shrimp, green onion, cilantro
    5) Khanom Tien - Garlicky,white pepper center surrounded by a chewy glutinous rice flour goo
    6) Klong Kang - Fried dough of rice flour/coconut milk tossed in a sweet syrup flavored with white pepper and gr onion
    7) Galamah - coconut/rice flour candy (sometimes flavored with Pandan
    8) Cotton Cake - those colourful steamed cupcakes that smell of flowers
    9) Thai beef jerky - dried and fried with coriander seeds
    10) Nam Pla Waan (from the marketplace) - dipping sauce for sour mango (sour peaches and apples work well too!) flavoured with fish sauce, shallot, dried shrimp, and chili

    That's to start with I guess. I could go on with dozens more! I think Thai dessert is so interesting b/c there are SO many different types and they flavors can be surprising, not just sweet! Anyways, have fun at the strip mall!

    1. We had dinner there a few weeks ago and had some excellent dishes, admittedly ones at the higher-priced end of the menu.
      The crab purses appetizer was nicely fried and yummy, despite being stuffed with precut cubed carrots and peas along with the crab.
      We had a great red curry dish with shrimp (about $18), with a strong, pleasant kaffir lime flavor. We also had a steamed trout in a pungent, sour broth that was very light and flavorful. The boat noodles hit the spot the next day as we couldn't eat everything. My only caution would be to explain carefully if you want your food spicy, because they seem to be catering to customers who are not that familiar with Thai spicing. Nonetheless, everything we tried had great, assertive flavors. They have Thai dance performances on weekends at 9, I believe.