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Oct 29, 2006 09:19 PM

Proving cast iron pans

This works!
Place salt in pan to cover base and heat. Turn out in sink: hissing shoulld be heard. Care to wipe using dry wipe, as very hot. Film oil on pan, and leave to cool. What is the science behind sodium and cast iron plus heat?

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  1. No idea why it works, but I learned a variation of your method from a junk dealer in Chicago:
    Coat bottom of cast iron pan with veg oil. Cover with just enough salt to be absorbed in an even layer. Heat on high until it smokes so much you grow worried the neighbors will call the fire department. Turn off heat, let cool down and wipe out.

    This made a small skillet slick enough to release fried eggs like a non-stick pan, but the coating didn't last very long. I suspect it would have to be repeated much more often than a typical cure to maintain non-stick properties, and I lack the patience to do it that often.

    So, yeah... Why does this work?

    1. Hi grahampage. Just to let you know, you might get more response to your discussion if you rephrase it as "Seasoning Cast Iron Pans."

      1. after you've seasoned the pan(I just wait for the salt to brown, and then discard), don't wash it with soapy water just wipe clean with a paper towell and store, smearing the surface with oil, and it should be good to go next time.