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Oct 29, 2006 08:34 PM

just got back from first visit to El Metate (courtesy of wifey dragging me) ... OH ... MY ... GOD

I hate to gush, being gushy is not cool, in an oh-so-cool world, but -- it was maybe the best mex food I've had in LA.

Had the chicken enchiladas, per wifey's instructions -- wonderous. not baked, not dry like usual, the toppings were slightly different than usual -- all magnificient.

And, I watch them make the refried beans from scratch in a big-ass frying pan. Then ordered them. OH ... MY ... GOD. I had to have two orders.

Which, is one of the nice things about this place -- the portions aren't hoggy. They're not miserly, but they don't make you feel like a lump afterwards.

And, given some of the comments I've read about El Metate, I thought it would be sort of a cramped, dingy, beat-up place. Nope. Very sheek, metallic, almost like a trendy Silver Lake Eatery, complete with somewhat modern plastic chairs at the tables. Yeah, tiz small, but didn't feel cramped.

No sign outside. Simply sez "TACOS." It's right across from the Green Lions with the Yellow Manes on Figueroa. 5305.

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