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Oct 29, 2006 07:11 PM

LI Thanksgiving help needed!

Hi, all. I need to find a restaurant on Long Island (somewhere within driving distance of Hempstead) which is serving Thanksgiving dinner. But wait: read on!

It will be a party of six:

2 vegetarians
1 person who can't eat gluten or dairy
1 elderly person who can't climb any stairs without a lot of help (besides front door, he also needs an easy route to the men's room)
1 person who absolutely requires a tradiational dinner
1 person (me) who, if we have to eat at a restaurant instead of cooking at home, REALLY wants high-quality food in an inviting, relaxed setting...though it can't be outrageously expensive.

Of all of those requirements, I suppose mine will be the first to go, if necessary. But if anyone has suggestions, I'd be most grateful for the help!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would bring in- go to Zorns- they have individual meals, go to Whole Foods/Fairway/Trader Joe's and read labels carefully and put together take out meals for the vegetarians and the dairy/wheat free people. Better yet- have them bring their own food!

      1. Check out Jonathan's in Huntington. It might be a bit far from Hempstead, but, otherwise, I think it may meet the rest of your criteria. And whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I agree that a Thanksgiving dinner out is anything but ideal. Personally, I would only have dinner out on that day as an absolute last resort. But sometimes, for any number of reasons, it's the only option. That's why some restaurants serve dinner on Thanksgiving, imperfect though it might be. So, in answer to the original query, I would say that if renting a hotel suite or hiring a caterer isn't something you want to do, then make a lot of phone calls to restaurants you like. When you find someplace that's open on Thanksgiving, discuss your needs with the chef or the owner. Hopefully, someone will come through for you.

          2. Thanks, those of you that have responded so far!

            Ordering in is, alas, not an option. The only place we could do it is at my elderly uncle's place -- and he would hate that (not that there's even enough room).

            As far as restaurants, none of us actually knows anything about restaurants on Long Island. My uncle, who lives there, hasn't been able to get around easily for years, so we're all at a loss. I'll check out Jonathan's. If anyone has any other ideas for restaurants I should call, please do let me know!

            I love the hotel idea -- I'll definitely look into that. No question that having an accessible space where we can cook is the best option by far, if it's affordable.

            Thanks again, everyone!