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Flaming Hot Cheetohs

Anyone know where you can find Flaming Hot Cheetos in Manhattan? I've never seen them anywhere in New York and am starting to think they just aren't distributed to the Northeast.

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  1. I feel your pain. When I was in Texas this past spring, I brought home about a dozen bags on the plan, alongside various hot and spicy versions of Doritos. It's a travesty that you can find hot and spicy Doritos in nearly every convenience stores in NYC now, but not Cheetos.

    Hmmm...some research suggests that you can find them, though. Frito-Lay has a snackfinder online and it says some stores in Manhattan do carry the cheetos:


    I haven't gone out and tried yet.

    1. I've had them here so FHC's were sold in nyc at one time.

      Sorry to report I don't know what store carried them 'cause i didn't buy them and I haven't seen lately on my shopping trips.

      good luck

      1. Actually, I just bought them accidentally thinking they were normal Cheetos the other day ... a nothing-special deli right beside the Park Ave Country Club on Park Ave just south of 27th street. Funny, cause I thought they were awful and was so mad at myself for not checking the bag and threw them out.

        1. i've seen them in our local groceries...but as noted above not lately.

          1. I first saw them in California but I've been seeing them uptown lately. I think I saw them in Duane Reade believe it or not. The store on 145th Street. Have you checked the company website for local distributors. The sales staff is usually pretty helpful with helping you find a location.

            1. Just bought some yesterday at the Buane Reade at the corner of Lex. and 42.

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              1. FYI-There is a deli on Broadway between Waverly and 8th Avenue that sells limited edition Doritos that are typically only sold on the west coast!!!! The Jalepeno Cheddar (which I love!!!), Chile Lime and other varities. Just thought I would share with the chip loving chowhounds since we were on the topic!!! I want to stock up but I know I will eat them all at once and suffer later. Call it greed.

                1. This thread epitomizes why I love CH.

                  I used to live right near Penn Station, and I asked a couple of the convenience store owners whether they knew anywhere that had any. The only recommendation I got as to where I might find them (just the small bags though, I'm assuming) was Jack's 99 cent stores (32nd and 6th), but I never did get around to getting there to confirm, though...

                  1. Oddly enough, Walgreens seems to carry them on occasion.

                    1. Duane Reade on 86th between Park and Lex

                      1. Hey, Flaming Hot Chowhounds -- any fresh leads on Flaming Hot Cheetos in 2011?

                        I need something to go along with my Kool-Aid pickles.
                        I'm totally serious; it's a fantastic combination.

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                          I used to see them on occasion at the Walgreens on Astor Place.