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Oct 29, 2006 07:05 PM

Quick advice needed: Tamales, Park Slope

Does anyone know of a Mexican restaurant delivering to Park Slope that has good tamales? I usually go to Sunset Park but am feeling very lazy today. Thanks for all recs.

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  1. No, don't know, sorry. I do know there's not a tamale to be found anywhere over here in Carrol Gardens. So, please say where to find them in Sunset Park: I've not yet made the tamale pilgimage that I know I'm destined for!

    1. I only know of the two Cali Taquerias on 7th Avenue. One is by 10th Street the other between Lincoln and Berkeley Pl. The one by Berkeley is better, I like the beef and veggie tamales. Although, like I say they're more suited for gentrified taste. There's also a place on 5th Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets called Tacos Nuevos (I believe that's the name), I've never tried their tamales but they do have great lengua dishes and a pretty good pulpo soup if that helps as a guideline. I believe all three deliver.

      1. I believe that Tacos Nuevo Mexico - 5th Ave. btw 11/12 delivers, but not sure how far away. They definitely have tamales. You'd probably need to order at least $10 or so, but that's hardly a problem. Cafe Con Flores might find someone to deliver if you bought enough and can find their number....

        1. Cafe Con Flores on 4th Ave (10/11th) are the best tamales you'll find nearby. IMHO, the only ones I'd actually want to eat.
          Their # is on's map
          but delivery is not their regular gig.

          Tacos Nuevo Mexico on Fifth doesn't have very good tamales. Okay al pastor tacos tho...

          OOPS, how the heck did I bump this thread.
          Sorry folks!