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Oct 29, 2006 06:47 PM

Day of the dead

I know Lula's in Santa monica does a menu for this celebration, thier margarita's I love but not the food. Can anyone recommend somewhere ? Thanks.

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  1. You might try Border Grill in Santa Monica. They usually do something fun.

    1. What about putting a picnic of your favs together and go on a tour of the Hollywood Cemetary???

      1. I'm about to head out to the event at the Hermon Park, just off the 110, at the Via Marisol exit. I stopped by earlier to look at the altars going up, which look great, and noticed that Huaraches Azteca was setting up a booth, as well as another, small-scale huarache/pupusa operation, the comal was just heating up. There looked to be space for a number of additional vendors, this promises to be a pretty outstanding event.

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          This sounds great. Will it still be going on, the end of next week ???

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            Sorry, just saw your message. You probably have about 20 min! My discovery was a pombazo from Huaraches Azteca, basically a torta roll dipped in their amazing roasted red chile and pregrilled, then stuffed with carne asada etc. I don't think anything can top their huaraches, but the pombazo is a great alternative. I can't remember seeing it on the menu at the restaurant, but I may have missed it.